Natural Granite Shower Walls

Hoffman Kitchen & Bath's Artisan Stone Collection® natural granite will provide you with many choices to create a very dramatic and unique bathroom shower enclosure. When viewing natural granite slabs one can easily fall in love with the virtual work of art that Mother Nature created over millions of years only to lose some of that love when it is cut up into the shapes and parts required to create a kitchen or bath countertop. Not so when used on shower walls, as the parts are quite often much larger than in countertop applications so the beauty and drama you imagined when looking at the slabs is still there, and even enhanced when installed on your bathroom shower. You should be mind full that natural granite is somewhat porous by nature so the use of a good sealer, such as Hoffman Kitchen & Bath's exclusive Firstline® sealers and care products, should be used to maintain the original beauty of a natural granite shower wall system. During the design the use of accent tiles can make for an even more dramatic finished look in order to facilitate large walls where the sheer size and/or weight of a granite slab may be prohibitive for some bathroom shower applications. Also, using one of Hoffman Kitchen & Bath's Aztec Engineered Composite custom shower floors will help to create a bathroom shower environment you can be proud of for many years.

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