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01 Jun 19
A basement remodel cost can range from $6,500 to $18,500 and the ROI can be an attractive 69%. Whether you are planning to remodel your basement for the comfort of your home or have resale plans, it is always well worth it. Here are a few ideas you can apply to get your basement looking glamorous and put it to good use; Turn it to a bedroom A basement can be turned into anything you desire, instead of having it lying around and storin...

30 May 19
The countertop is an important area of the kitchen; that much we can agree on. So, why not choose a trendy look for this part of the kitchen that sees so much action? In addition, your countertop bears the heavy responsibility of setting a theme for the rest of the kitchen when it’s time for a kitchen remodel. You owe it to yourself to consider the material you will be using for your kitchen countertops. Below is a rundown of the latest tr...

20 May 19
When we think of a trend and feel the sweeping need to take part in it, we seldom stop to think about the repercussions that could follow. Today, a kitchen remodel includes a lot of well-thought out designs. In this age, we have managed to merge style with convenience better than ever before. Cabinets and all other fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom have be changed in ways that were unimaginable back in the day. In this piece, we look into t...

12 May 19
When it’s time for a kitchen remodel, there is a lot of excitement. With all the prospects for décor and fixtures, it is totally understandable if you are torn between different choices for different sections. There are questions you should ask yourself that should help you choose the design you like and will also help you avoid ideas that look attractive but will work against your vision for your brand-new kitchen. Here are some ...

02 May 19
The kitchen remodel has become more and more expensive over the years. Nowadays, the endeavor could set you back thousands of dollars to get the premium finishes and the most in-demand materials. For the homeowner who has a little to spend for a kitchen that desperately needs remodeling, there is always the option to use salvaged items. Aside from saving you the expensive cost of the modern remodel, antiques and salvaged items have a characte...

30 Apr 19
Having a well-organized kitchen is the ultimate desire for any homeowner. With a functional kitchen, you can efficiently cook. Here is how to keep your kitchen looking superb; Logical storage You need to store each item in its respective place so as to have an orderly kitchen. Often-used such as spoons and plates should be the easiest to access while those rarely used such as turkey carving tools should be kept in higher cabinets. F...

23 Apr 19
A walk-in shower is completely or partially open; it has no doors or curtains which means you can literally walk into it. Most of them are glass-made and have no enclosure. A modern bathtub on the other hand is made of porcelain, thermoformed acrylic or enameled steel, just to mention a few. It may be a large or small container that holds water depending on the owners’ preference. This are the factors to consider before going for either; ...

13 Apr 19
An open concept kitchen is simply defined as a space that has no barriers i.e. walls and doors separating it from distinct functional areas such as the living room and dining room. Having an open concept kitchen is the in-thing for contemporary homes. Here are some of the reasons why every family is now opting for this design; Does away with isolation and loneliness This type of kitchen enables you to engage in conversations with th...

02 Apr 19
Kitchen countertops come in a variety of materials namely Granite, Quartz, Corian, Marble, Concrete, Butcher block, Soapstone, Laminate and Caesarstone. Cleaning a kitchen countertop is something done just about every day. Below are ways to get it right; Granite To care for Granite, avoid using acidic cleaners such as vinegar and lemon juice as this can etch the surface. Instead, rely mostly on a gentle dish soap with some warm water....

30 Mar 19
Upgrading your kitchen is easy, thanks to the myriad design options available in the market today. There are many ways to give your kitchen a sleek and modern look and among the best of these is replacing your old countertop with a new contemporary option. Installing a new countertop will not only improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, but will also, depending on the material you choose, get an easy to care for option that gives you service for...

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