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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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15 Dec 18

This might sound cliché, but the truth is that the kitchen is the most used and most important part of your home. This explains why millions of Americans spend billions toward remodeling their kitchens every single year. When your kitchen is elegant and inviting, then you have no problem letting people in. On the other hand, if it is dingy and poorly organized, then you won’t have the impetus to let people in there.

Now that 2019 is here with us, it is time to take a look at the things everyone is looking to do with their kitchens;

Color will be a key player

White kitchens are all the rage, but 2019 is going to see a lot of experimentation with other pop out choices and shades in a way that has seldom been seen.

Quartz countertops will take their place

Kitchen countertops have for a long time been set in granite and marble, but this is the year of quartz, and it is easy to see why. This material is always easy to maintain, can stick around for a long time and has been known to be cheap and quite beautiful to gaze upon.

Kitchen cabinet handles are goners

Kitchen cabinet handles have been, well, handy, for a long time now, but they are going to exit the stage in 2019. You are going to see more minimalist approaches that involve idents on the base of cabinet doors that can be pried open with a finger or two and tucked away when the cabinet closes.

Open Shelving

Shelves are no longer going to be tucked away out of sight. Open shelving is going to be a real phenomenon, and you will be able to keep your beautiful China at a vantage point to see and reach.

Matte cabinets and appliances

Gloss and shine is going to take a back seat, and matte will rise to its rightful place. Matte items go pretty well with everything else in the kitchen. In addition to that, they don’t get smudged by fingers as easily as items made of gloss. Finally, they will serve you for a long time without looking overused.

Stoves and hoods are coming in full color

If you thought stoves were dated, then you need to think again. Stoves and hoods are here to stay, and are now available in blues, pastels and bright primaries.

Precious metal colors

Gold and copper were never really gone, but their choice as stylish accent is becoming more pronounced. They fit incredibly well in kitchens, but you have to use them in small helpings.

Smart Technology

Oh yes, 2019 is going to drop upon us all kinds of bells and whistles of modern kitchen designs and functionalities. From smart appliances to remote controlled lights, expect to have it all.

Moroccan and Spanish tiles

Subway tiles have been around for quite a bit, and we have become used to their presence. Spanish and Moroccan tiles are however the new kid in town, and their design, pattern and appeal is getting recognition.

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