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23 Oct 18

Bathroom remodels happen for a lot of reasons. Regardless of the reason you get started, this a project that can have hidden benefits often initially not considered in the process. From simple cosmetic updates to repairing known damaged materials, several factors of the remodel will be the same.

Taking the time to evaluate these potential benefits can help create a space that you will not only appreciate now, but for years to come, but in the long term there are many other reasons you can appreciate making changes.

Creating a more usable design

A bathroom remodel might include changing the flow of the space, converting a tub to a larger shower or rearranging elements in the room for a better layout. As you work through those decisions, other opportunities can come up, like increasing storage to keep your bathroom better organized. Smaller details such as a higher vanity, a non-standard height toilet or extra showerheads might not be in the scope of your original planning, but can impact the daily use of the space.

Increasing efficiency with bathroom fixture selections

One improvement you can make is increasing the performance of fixtures in the space, often while reducing the use of resources. While low flow toilets and showerheads are an obvious way to save on your water bill, simply replacing older fixtures can help conserve by installing many newer options. As you choose the pieces of the bathroom remodel, take the time to consider efficiency.

Identifying and removing damaged existing materials

Unless you’ve had a pipe break with water gushing out, you might not be aware of any leaks that have been slowly damaging drywall or floor boards over time. Take this opportunity to work with a team of professionals who will thoroughly inspect the space before installing any new materials. If a problem is identified as you start your bathroom remodel, the experts working on your project can let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced, which could include means going down to the wall studs and rebuilding with new drywall. 

What might start off as a few attractive enhancements to your space, could create the opportunity for a transformation of the bathroom on many levels, including those you see and those you don’t. Regardless of the reason you decided it was time for a bathroom remodel, contact the experts at Hoffman Kitchen and Bath to guide you through the process to make the most of your investment. 

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