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29 Nov 17

Do you feel like your bathroom needs a new look? Many homeowners are changing from the old bathroom layouts to more contemporary designs. The nitty-gritties of the process may be unknown to them but a majority of homeowners know what end result they want for their remodeling projects. There is a lot that goes into the typical remodeling project that you could end up hating certain aspects of the new space if you don’t know what exactly you want.

If you have a bathroom remodel project coming up, it is best to know what to expect. Let’s dive in;

  1. Know what the standard bathroom dimensions are

    A lot of your planning may be inapplicable if you don’t know things like the size of the right bathtub for your space or the space you need for a toilet. Knowing one or two things about the measurements is essential to planning for your bathroom remodel.

  2. Consider leaving a few things in place

    The point of remodeling your bathroom is giving it a fresh look. However, some items may have to stay as they were. A prime example is attempting to remove the wall tiles from an older design home. Such tiles are installed using more than a few layers of concrete in addition to wire lath. In such cases, the cost of your remodeling project will most likely shoot up well beyond what you expected thanks to labor costs. Besides, some of the vintage finishes may add character to your bathroom.

  3. The toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you walk into the bathroom

    This is a design flaw that you will notice when you have guests over. The bathroom door will often be left open and the toilet is not the first thing you want your guests to see; it’s not so pleasing to look at anyway. You can make anything else the focal point of your bathroom but the toilet.

  4. Have a lighting scheme to create the right ambience

    Good lighting is one of the crucial aspects of a well-balanced room and that also applies to the bathroom. A good approach is having layers of lighting go together. You can combine accent, task, decorative and ambient lighting to give your bathroom the proper lighting it needs to transform.

  5. Get the height of the sink right

Countertops typically rise 32 to 34 inches above the floor. Think about how the sink will affect the height of the countertop. The main aim is comfort as you use your sink. If you are going for a vessel sink on top of the counter, for instance, have a counter that is a bit lower so that you can brush your teeth and wash hands with no trouble.

There are plenty of other design aspects to consider. Everything is not placed wherever and the reason is so that you don’t have trouble enjoying your new bathroom. Find out all there is to know about your remodel prior to the project; don’t just leave everything to the professionals because you are the one to use the bathroom.  


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