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27 Jan 18

If you are obsessed with home décor, as any proud homeowner should, then you must have done more than a few home improvement projects, some by yourself and others with the help of a professional. Either way, the outcome is never satisfying enough if it didn’t come out exactly as you wanted.

You may have a kitchen that looks great after the remodel and has a lot of functionality but isn’t exactly what you hoped it would be. There are so many areas in the remodeling process where you could easily miss a step and entirely change the look of your new kitchen. Don’t get it wrong; you will like your new kitchen; after all, it did cost money and works perfectly fine. However, you will never stop noticing the little subtleties that would have made it your dream kitchen. Here are some mistakes you can learn from before you start your kitchen remodel.

Mistake #1: Doubting your ideas because a professional said otherwise

Getting a professional opinion on such a project is important. The professionals can help you save money and use the space more efficiently. However, you have to stick to your style. More often than not, a remodel of this kind only begins after weeks of fetching ideas from Pinterest and any remodeling blogs you can find on the internet. Don’t pick quartz if you want granite kitchen countertops just because a professional said so. Go with design ideas you already know you like, especially when it comes to colors.

Mistake #2: Sticking to the traditional use of cabinets

Homeowners stifle their creativity and would rather play safe, even with weeks (and sometimes months) of fine-tuning their ideas. They just don’t trust themselves to pull it off, especially with the cabinets. Why don’t you go for creative cabinets in your dream kitchen? There are many ways to transform your cabinets that would fit seamlessly into any kitchen, and you should try them out.

Mistake #3: Compromising on counter space

You shouldn’t settle when it comes to counter space. Your kitchen counter is one of its most vital components, so do what you need to do to maximize counter space. You could add some shelving support or use decorative corbels to increase your countertop area.

Mistake #4: Choosing cabinets before appliances

Sounds like a rookie mistake but it happens more often than you can imagine. The idea is to choose countertops and cabinets that fit appliances rather than the other way around, which is a total nightmare. Choose your appliances first and give the specs to the contractor even before the project starts so that everything fits.


Mistake #5: Watch out for the discounts

The home remodeling industry is big right now, and companies will do anything to get clients to commit. One routine that has caught many homeowners flat footed it the significant discount for signing up with a remodeling company. Don’t fall for it. If the cut is too good to pass off, then it means the service was overcharged in the first place. You have to remember that companies with a reputation don’t need to pressure you into anything. They know their track record speaks for itself and they don’t need high-pressure tactics to attract clients. You don’t want to be stuck with a frustrating contractor just because you wanted to save money you shouldn’t have spent anyway.

A kitchen remodel is no easy feat to pull off. Whatever you choose as your theme, always make sure you do your homework.



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