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01 Nov 17

The typical kitchen remodel will cost you between $10,000 and $50,000. It all depends on the kind of renovation you want. However, you can do more renovations and spend less if you pursue the right approach. When it comes to kitchen remodels, there is a plethora of options on what to add. Here are some tips that will help you redesign your kitchen without having to break the bank;

  1. Don’t change the cabinets if you don’t need to

    Installing new cabinets will most likely shoot up the budget. If you have good cabinets which have more years of service in them, resurfacing may be the best option for remodeling. You don’t need to change the style of cabinets as a color change could totally transform the space. Repainting and resurfacing are great ways to change the look and still keep the budget low. A paint job may cost just a few hundred dollar; however, resurfacing may cost up to $15,000 when new veneer is added to the cabinets.

  2. Consider different countertop materials

    There are oodles of countertop choices which you can pick for your remodeling project. You can choose to go with granite, quartz, tile, solid surfaces, recyclable products and much more. Granite is still a favorite for countertops but it can take your budget overboard with a square foot going for $50 to $100. The best way to go if you don’t want a surface that is too expensive is to mix them up. You can have granite on the island and tile or other materials and laminate on other surfaces.

  3. Choose track lighting over recessed lighting

    Recessed lighting often turns out to be a bigger project than was planned for. There is additional wiring to consider and you have to cut holes in the ceiling, not to mention hidden costs that you only find out about mid-project. Recessed lighting can quickly rake up the costs. The best way to go if you are remodeling on a budget is to use track lighting. There are a lot of options with track lighting too and you can have the classy finish you wanted for your kitchen.

  4. Consider different options for islands

    An island 6-foot tall complete with cabinets can cost you about $800 or more. Rather than incur such costs, you could also repurpose old furniture such as a dresser or table to give the space a new and unique look. This is an option that can save you hundreds of dollars if you know where to look. Look through estate sales, garage sales, salvage stores and such to find some good pieces that would look good in your kitchen and stick to the theme of the remodel as well.

  5. Use open shelving whenever you can

Open shelving saves money and draws attention to the space. When you decide to apply open shelving you can easily use salvaged wood or wood from the hardware store. All it takes is painting the re-purposed wood and blending it to the rest of the kitchen. You can use these shelves to display the flowery dishes you have, items that won’t stay their long enough to collect dust.

When it comes to kitchen remodels, you have a lot of choice and you have to be smart about your choices if you don’t have the funds to splurge. One way of saving is doing some of the installation work yourself.


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