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20 Dec 18

Some of our homes have been around for decades. Old homes are pretty good, but they enjoy fewer luxuries and amenities compared to what we have today. Nowhere is this deficit more pronounced than the bathroom, where everything in older homes is pretty standard-the vanities are lower, the tubs are standard, and the shades are not really up to snuff. If you live in a home like that, now is the right time to think about a bathroom remodel. Even for those who live in more modern homes, there are all sorts of things an upgrade can do.

Regardless of what kind of upgrade you are  looking to do, it pays to ask yourself a number of questions, and this comes in handy when you later on decide to go ahead with the project. Here is a look at those key questions;

Is a tub needed?

Those who use master bedrooms have seen a declining need to have tubs in there. Homeowners are now shelving the famous tub and going for zero threshold towers as an alternative. If you have a large tub taking up space in your bathroom, just consider how much space would be added in there if you chose to get rid of it. After all, why is it there if you are not using it?

Do you need to upgrade your shower?

Showerheads are the functional and aesthetic focal point of every shower out there. A long time ago, the standard single showerhead was the way to go, but that is no longer the case. You have an array of choices at your disposal, and you only need to pick and choose.  Out there, you can now find body sprayers, rain showerheads and even multiple showerheads. You are switching your tub for your shower, so it has better be al all worth it.

Seating is also a key aspect of modern showers. It can be quite nice having a place to rest in the shower, allowing you to reach your legs if you have to shave. Men prefer to have an adjustable mirror within the seating area so as to see the progress of the shaving process.

We all use plenty of products in the shower, and it is great to have a place to put them so we don’t have to lug them into the shower all the time. When you crate shelves in the shower, you provide yourself with a sense of efficiency, organization and order.

Are your vanities good enough?

The old order in the era of bathroom vanities is behind us. These units are only around 30 inches in height, and that is why more modern approaches are upping the ante, and quite literally so. You will need to find a vanity height that is tailored to your uses. Find a height that works for your flossing, hair drying and washing.

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