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20 Jan 19

To most of us, buying a toilet is a no-brainer. Anything goes, and anything can fit into any bathroom. Well, that is a very wrong way od looking at bathroom renovations, because you actually need to keep a few things in mind before buying and installing a toilet.

Start by measuring your rough-in

Your rough-in is essentially the distance from your bathroom’s wall to the point smack at the center of the flange bolts of your toilet. Go for a toilet that marries with your existing rough-in.


Most people go for the elongated toilet bowl, and that would seem simple enough, except it isn’t. If you are working with a limited budget or your bathroom is small, then go for the round bowl. Round bowls generally save you about 3 inches of legroom and come at a comfortable price.

Think about the height. The standard is 15 in. but if you have tall people in the home, that might require you to throw in an extra couple of inches. Tall toilets provide space for legs and knees and make it easy for people with mobility problems to use. The only problem here is that short people and kids are going to have something to say about the height situation.


The two-piece toilet, which comes with a tank fastened on the wall next to the bowl might be popular, but its not your only bet. The one-piece toilet is also something to think about-it looks incredibly stylish and can be cleaned rather easily.


Toilets use plenty of water, and that is a problem. You will need to go for a unit that does not inflate your water bill. Low-flush toilets are a case in point. These beauties are capable of making use of gravity or suction to get the job done, saving you lots of water. They have been slow in emergence, but these designs are making their roar felt in the market at the moment.

Before you make a decision to buy any toilet, head online and check out the reviews. That way, you have a pretty good idea of what you are looking at.


In Europe, the bidet (a type of sink used for washing up after using the toilet) is quickly catching on. Bidets work great for people with mobility problems and can be resold.


We are always looking for technologies that enhance comfort in every other aspect of remodeling, so why not in the bathroom? Heated seats, self-closing seats, foot warmers, night light, deodorizers, Bluetooth, and auto flush capabilities are some of the smart technologies applicable to modern-day bathrooms, so you might want to try them out.

A good bathroom toilet needs to provide both functionality and comfort to the user. It needs to be easy to use and if possible, come with all the trappings technology has to offer. Hoffman Fixtures Company has these and more in stock.


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