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18 Mar 19

Your vanity performs several important functions including providing storage for your cleaning and beauty products, de-clutturing your bathroom and providing a beautiful decor item in this space. Bathroom vanities can provide great service for many years, especially if you take the time to clean and repair them on a regular basis. From time to time, you may have to replace your vanity and get one with even greater functionalities. Below are three reasons to upgrade your bathroom vanity this year:

  1. Advanced and more sophisticated features

    Upgrading your vanity means you can give it many advanced features that improve its functionality. For instance you could make a bigger cabinet that gives you more storage, add a better looking sink or mirror and even paint it in your favourite color as part of a larger bathroom remodelling project. You can add translucent boxes to showcase your beauty products and decor items, use extra accessories to hold items such as brushes, add a vase for fresh flowers and generally add as many items as you need to make your vanity fully functional and beautiful.


  2. Growing space needs

    A growing family or simply the need for more room to keep your bathroom items is a good reason to upgrade your vanity. You may need to make your cabinet bigger and put in more shelves so that everyone can have a space to put their own stuff. This is especially important if you have teenagers who are not willing to share space or products with anyone else. You can construct the new cabinet yourself as long as the vanity does not need to be moved. If you have to shift the vanity to another area of the bathroom then ensure that you at least bring a plumber in so that you can avoid damaging pipes.


  3. To repair overall damage and broken parts

If your vanity is broken or has experienced significant water damage, then an upgrade will restore it to good working order. If you notice that the paint on your vanity is flaking, water is leaking from the pipes, the mirror is broken and the whole unit is in a state of disrepair, then it is definitely time to make an upgrade. You will need to remove any rotten or broken bits of cabinetry, fix leaking pipes, paint the whole unit afresh and generally ensure that you carry out comprehensive repairs. Always ensure that you repair your vanity as soon as the cracks start to show. If you wait until the last minute, you may discover that the damage is too extensive to allow for an upgrade. You may find that you are forced to replace the whole unit which can prove to be significantly more expensive.


Upgrading your bathroom vanity gives it a new lease of life and ensures that you get greater use out of it. It also gives you a more attractive bathroom feature in addition to helping you de-clutter and organize better. Need great accessories to fit out your upgraded vanity? Hoffman Kitchen and Bath has a great variety to help you build a beautiful and functional unit that will serve you for many years.Contact us today!


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