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29 Nov 18

If you are thinking about updating your bathroom, consider how shower walls and tub surrounds can offer a stylish and functional alternative. Many homeowners begin their product search with tile options or preformed units, unaware of the how full sheet products can an attractive option for many reasons.

Evaluate the maintenance of all materials you are considering

Maintenance should be addressed both now and for the long term for each option that you are thinking about. Using full sheet products for shower walls can eliminate the need for grouting, offering easy upkeep for homeowners. If your space also has a separate bathtub, these materials can also be used as a low maintenance, attractive tub surround material. Another benefit is using an option that is moisture and mildew resistant.

Decide your design preferences for the space

There are newer materials on the market that can give the appearance of high end stone options. The Tyvarian line offers more than 60 colors, and the look of granite, marble limestone or travertine. While it is not actual stone as it may appear, it is made using a composite substrate and a high definition image of stone then an ultra clear resin on the surface that provides a non porous surface that never requires sealing.

Address any functionality issues during the remodel

Beyond style and maintenance, these materials for shower walls can also increase the functionality of your bathroom. If you find your bathtub is not used for soaking and bathing, consider turning that space into a more convenient shower unit. While this sounds like a large project, in many cases you are able to keep the current footprint of your bathroom, while eliminating the need to constantly step over the sides of a tub.

Complete the project with quality craftsmanship

Selecting the right material is the first part of the process. Once you know what products to use, make sure you have a team of professionals for installation.

At Hoffman Kitchen & Bath, we don't simply view your job as a basic one-step replacement job of shower walls or tub surrounds. That is why we choose to inspect the area surrounding the bathtub or shower. This process includes checking for any sections of drywall compromised by previous water damage. If needed, we remove the drywall down to the framing and then replacing it with new materials. Regardless of the grand scale of the project, quality is a feature all homeowners deserve.

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