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28 Feb 19


With so many options out there, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles come in a range of textures, designs, patterns and color. It is important to understand how to pick the right ceiling tiles because each option will bring a different look or feel to your space.

There are four popular types of decorative ceiling tiles; plastic, acoustical, cork and tin.

  • Plastic ceiling tiles

    These ceiling tiles are extremely easy to install as you can nail them up or drop them in. If you pick plastic ceiling tiles to decorate your home, you will spend less because they are cost-effective.

  • Acoustical ceiling tiles

    If you want to soundproof or insulate your room, acoustical ceiling tiles are the best choice because they are made of fibreglass and are installed using a drop ceiling method.

  • Cork ceiling tiles

    Cork ceiling tiles are good for absorbing sound and are eco-friendly.  They are also fire and water resistant. Professionals install these types of tiles by dropping in. They are priced mid-range.

  • Tin ceiling tiles

Tin tiles are usually made of aluminium, brass, or copper. They are very beautiful because the various units are designed with flowers, vine and scrolls. Tin tiles are expensive and more difficult to install than other types. They are installed by either nailing them up or dropping in.

Consider the following factors when choosing decorative ceiling tiles;

Room size

Tiles that are bigger in size are highly preferred for larger rooms while the smaller ones for smaller rooms. There is a sense of harmony in   similar spaces and consistent geometrics.


There are ceiling tiles for every conceivable budget out there. Generally, what you spent depends on material (Copper, Aluminium, Styrofoam, Tin, Urethane, Faux Leather), size, style and color.

Consider the need

Why do you need ceiling tiles? Do you need it do absorb noise, or are you doing it to complement other aspects of décor such as vanities?


Not everything you see out there deserves the kind of money you are asked to pay for it. Make sure that your choice of tiles is durable. If you are unsure as to what you are buying, contact a professional to help you out.


Choosing the right decorative ceiling tiles includes selecting a material that matches the purpose of the room. For example, if you are decorating a bedroom, Styrofoam ceiling tiles give a light airy look. Aluminium and copper are more suited for sealed-off places that see little or no human traffic.


Choose the color of your ceiling tile depending on what the room is being used for and also, depending on whether your house is modern or traditional. There are light and dark colors out there, hence you should look for one that matches your design aesthetics to give your room a perfect look.


To achieve the ideal ceiling design, approach the selection process responsibly. Ensure you have a general picture of the feel and look you want the tile to give your room. In addition, understand that decorative ceiling tile influences safety as well as beauty.Contact us  here at HFC Kitchen and Bath for all kinds of remodeling projects.


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