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28 Dec 17

If you have an old bathroom and are thinking about a remodel, then a walk-in shower could be one of the trendy additions to focus on. Walk-in showers have a contemporary feel and their popularity keeps rising.  This design is known for its stylish look, but what else is good about a walk-in shower? How do you know if this is the remodeling idea for you?


Advantages of having a no-threshold shower


  1. No-threshold showers are not only loved because they are something new. They actually offer a lot of functional space since the bathroom floor is continuous and there is no ledge for separation. This means you can place the shower anywhere in the bathroom and also maximize on storage space with larger bathroom vanities and cabinets.
  2. It is a great addition to a bathroom in homes with seniors. The bathroom is more accessible older people since they don’t have to do much to get in.
  3. A curbless shower design also gives the homeowner the choice to pick between two drainage methods. You can have trench drainage where a trench is placed where the curb should have been. The other option is to have a center drain with the floors sloping towards it.


The disadvantages to think about


The no-threshold design may look like a good choice for its modern appeal but there are some downsides to it.


  1. High initial investment

     A lot of design work that goes into this type of shower, which means the amount paid upfront will also be high. It is okay to go ahead with if you are going for a specific theme, but most homeowners abandon the design once they come to grips with the cost implications.

  2. No bathtub

A bathtub is one of those canonical bathroom accessories many buyers consider when buying a home. A no-threshold shower is not the canny choice if you have a single bathroom because that means you miss out on the bathtub, which is a big deal especially for families with children.


When choosing a bathroom layout for your family, you should always consider whether your installations will still be usable in the future. Such decisions should also be informed by your lifestyle.


Modern showers add value to your bathroom


Modern shower designs are an attraction to homebuyers these days. Everybody is looking for contemporary touches that lend   a sleek feel to the bathroom. Old designs are being scrapped and more bathroom remodeling projects are about changing styles rather than replacing broken fixtures. A no-threshold shower is one of those modern designs with an irresistible allure whether you go for an open plan or partitioned curbless shower.


Get the right curbless shower for your home


This shower design will demand a lot from you financially, so you should price-shop for fittings to keep the budget lean. The size of the shower should save space rather than use it up. This is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make, and it tends to ruin your style altogether.


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