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18 Dec 17


Your bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in the home, even though it is often left out when it comes to home upgrade projects. Having an outdated bathroom is however not so pleasant. You will need some style in there, and it helps when your design lives up to contemporary expectations.


Though a bathroom remodel may be necessary, homeowners have to be smart about their investment. A practical remodeling project should also consider the future. It is important to think about how it affects the resale value and how much you can recoup. Given the high price of bathroom remodeling, which can go up to the tens of thousands of dollar in costs, homeowners should always think about the ROI.


Returns on new bathrooms

Whether as replacements or additions, new bathrooms can increase the appeal in a home’s interior and raise the overall value of the premises. However, the project usually costs somewhere in the region of $25, 000 that is quite costly compared to other home remodeling undertakings.

Such projects typically bring back about 66% of the remodeling cost. The key to getting as much back from your bathroom remodel when you finally decide to sell is knowing where to splurge. A luxurious remodel could recoup 58% of the cost, depending on what fixtures you choose to spend on.

When it comes to bathroom upgrades, homeowners need to minimize costs in every way possible. Taking on some DIY work and price shopping for appliances are some the ways to keep the expenditure low. Using trendy materials is risky if you are thinking about resale value because what was the cool kid of yesterday becomes a relic tomorrow. 

Use your remodel to increase the value of your home

This wholly depends on whether you intend to sell the property in future or not, which for most people is always a viable option. If you are upgrading for resale value, then you should stick to the neutral and flexible. This makes it easier for a buyer to accept your design despite their tastes and preferences.

 Focusing on fixes rather than going for an overhaul of the whole space is always a good idea. Think about fixing wobbly bathroom vanities, scratched sinks, malfunctioning taps and other typical issues that spoil a functioning bathroom rather than splurging on a contemporary walk-in shower.

What gives you the biggest return?

What parts of the remodel are likely to give you the best ROI? There are aspects of the bathroom that naturally appeal to potential buyers such as the lighting, functionality, style and storage. You can increase usability and still maintain a contemporary vibe by:

  • Increasing storage
  • Installing a double sink
  • Adding heated floors
  • Adding a steam shower or Jacuzzi tub for the master bath
  • Mounting a shower seat

Generally, bathroom remodels are not the type of home improvement projects with the outright potential to shoot up the resale price of a house. However, with the right design and budget, your bathroom can bring back much of what you spent.


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