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08 Dec 17


Picking kitchen countertops and cabinets is not the toughest job when you are doing you kitchen remodel. The internet is chockfull with information that can help you get all that done without breaking a sweat. The tough part is modeling your kitchen into your own unique style. How do you design your kitchen so that brands are not the first thing to attract attention when someone walks in? Here is a guide that will help you develop that custom vibe as you do your kitchen remodel. It’s not a piece about expensive additions, it just shows you how the available materials can be mixed and matched to great effect.

Change the countertop to suit your theme

If you are getting a kitchen design from one of those IKEA templates, you can switch up a few things to personalize it. Changing your countertop is a good way to bring in your vibe. You can achieve a unique look easily. There is a wide variety of countertop surfaces to go with including quartz, granite and soapstone. You can also choose to have wooden countertops, which will bring out a rustic look perfectly. The main thing to remember as you change your countertop is to take measurements after the cabinets are installed for precision’s sake. After that is done, epoxy glue can easily cover the job.

Use kitchen molding

Cabinet molding is the best way to add personal style to your kitchen. There are so many possibilities and the designs are eye-catching. Fancy molding is the way to take your kitchen from an ordinary to a plush finish.

When it comes to molding, individual pieces can be used alone or in combination with others. The point is to find a cohesive style which complements the rest of your kitchen. Get as creative as you want and you are likely to end up with breathtaking design that will make you proud of your kitchen remodel as it transforms the space altogether.

The molding styles available range from simple designs to intricate and impressive choices. You can choose from stacked crown, traditional crown, stepped crown, shoe molding and edge molding. All these offer different effects and the prices reflect it.

Use the cabinet fronts for some décor

Many kitchens nowadays come with a minimalistic design, which has been the trend for a while now. However, not everyone likes their kitchen almost expressionless. You could customize your kitchen by finding swanky door designs for the kitchen cabinets. This keeps your kitchen from looking like a haphazard arrangement of appliances and furniture because everything sticks to the vibe you are going for.

Avoid the standard colors

One of the first things that make your kitchen look like a template outfit is using the same colors found on every kitchen of its kind. Distinguish your kitchen from the standard design by using colors you like rather than sticking to what you got from the big-box-company. Break away from the norm and use colors that appeal to you and go with your vibe on the kitchen cabinets and surfaces. All you need to remember is that color mixing needs some knowledge so do some research on color schemes that go well for the kitchen, and  see if you can find something you like.

Creating a vibe in your kitchen shouldn’t be an expensive endeavor. However, your kitchen will stand out from anyone else’s if you do get it right.


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