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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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29 May 18

A small master bathroom is never okay. However, instead of mulling over the fact that it is small, you can redesign it to feel and look as great as any other part of your house. Here are a few pointers that can help your tiny bathroom appear larger. These tips can also be applied in any other type of small room, not just the bathroom.

  1. Keep everything to be the same tone or color

    Great point to start, and one of the best colors to use is white. You can never go wrong with it. You can us white paint, white vanity or white tiles. This color-non-color trick naturally makes the space look bigger. Since a bathroom already has white fixtures such as the tub, the sink and the toilet, using white creates an airy and seamless look.

  2. Get plenty of natural light

    Natural light in a bathroom is a very desirable aspect. Nothing beats the feel of a morning shower with sunshine rays streaming in to welcome your morning. As much as natural light helps with how large your bathroom looks like, it also comes in handy when you are applying makeup. Instead of putting up shutters from your bathroom windows, cover them with translucent window shades or a tone or tone glass windows, which guarantee privacy, natural light and a spacey feel.

  3. Less is more

    If you do not really need much storage in the bathroom, then you can consider a smaller vanity. Leaving a little bit more space will definitely make the bathroom feel roomier. If your toilet or tub is near your vanity, you will be more appreciative of the open space.

  4. Go big with the mirror

    A large mirror can visually double up your space in the bathroom and any other room as well. Get a large mirror that has a beautiful frame, or have a custom-sized wall to wall piece. This can have such a powerful effect that you almost need nothing else to make your bathroom feel bigger and stylish.



  5. Use a glass panel

    Another great idea of creating a feeling of more space in your bathroom is by using a glass panel instead of a shower curtain. A shower curtain still creates a visual wall even when it is open. When you use a glass panel, the entire bathroom space will be visible. In case you feel you need more privacy, a frosted or tinted glass panel will do.

  6. Recess your cabinets and shelves into the wall

    If you have linen cabinets that protrude out, then it would really help if you could bury them into the wall. The same applies for shampoo cabinets. You will be amazed at what room those 4 extra inches can create in your bathroom.

  7. Eliminate all clutter

When your bathroom is clean and neat as opposed to dirty and cluttered, it will look spacious. You might try every other trick but if you have unnecessary stuff in the bathroom, it will still look smaller. Only have the essentials visible and store what you don’t need. Take time to arrange your linens in a closet or vanity to make things more organized.

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