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11 Jun 18

The countertop is  undoubtedly the most eye-catching part of the kitchen. It is what you see first when you step into a kitchen. A kitchen countertop sets   a certain mood. It is important, therefore, to ensure that it stands out to make the kitchen as lovely as it can be. There are numerous ways in which this can be achieved;

  • Keeping the countertop clean and clear

    Since the countertop is the workspace of the kitchen, it is prone to stains and clutter. The easiest way to make it stand out is to keep it neat and spotless. This can be achieved by cleaning it as often as possible. Wiping spills as soon as they occur prevents the formation of permanent stains and ensures that the countertop remains sparkling.

  • Organizing the kitchen countertop

    The countertop can be used as a storage space for spices and other items that are used in the kitchen every day. It is therefore easy to have a disorganized countertop that is full and void of working space. Acquiring a stand for cleaning supplies by the sink is one way of keeping the countertop organised. Also, a rack for all your spices keeps them from occupying too much space and leaves room to work in the kitchen. All items that are not necessarily needed daily can be shelved or kept in kitchen cabinets. All this is aimed at having an organized kitchen countertop.

  • Centerpieces

    For large countertops and those that are in the middle of the kitchen, a centerpiece can go a long way in making your kitchen stand out. The centerpiece can be simple, like a basket of plastic fruit, or elaborate, such as a bouquet of real flower arrangement. A perfect centerpiece should be within one's budget and of high quality. In case one decides to use flowers, the scent should be considered. It should not be too strong so as not to tamper with the flavours and aromas of foods in the kitchen.

  • Mosaic countertops

    To make the countertop conspicuous, one may decide to refurbish it. Adding a mosaic pattern, depending on the material that the countertop is made of, is a simple way to achieve this. Mosaics are realized using kitchen tiles. One can decide to make a bold colour statement using bright mix and match tiles. Another way to go is using monochromatic tiles that match the colour scheme of the entire kitchen. Other options include ornamenti tiles, water jet tiles, natural stone subway tiles and terracotta bricks.

  • Changing the entire countertop

If money is not a factor, refurbishing the entire countertop is guaranteed to make one's kitchen fabulous. Granite, though expensive, is very classy and gives an elegant look to one's kitchen. Engineered quartz is another popular material due to its durability. Other unconventional but stylish materials include stainless steel tops, glass, concrete, reclaimed wood, and glass.

All these methods can be used (either one, all or in conjunction) to obtain a kitchen countertop that is chic, edgy and eye-catching.

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