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03 Jun 18

The Remodeling Magazine has crunched the numbers and found that the average bathroom remodel costs north of $16,000. Don’t lose your heart though, because generally, these kinds of remodels have a 72.5% return on investment. When people remodel their bathrooms, they focus on walls and floors and vanities and forget to focus on one thing that matters; the shower. According to research, a big number of people above the age of 45 want to use a shower in place of a tub. This means that any refurbishment should have a consideration for shower design and placement. Below are some shower ideas you might find interesting;

Make some room for the seating

In the modern era, most people are looking for a spa rather than a shower.  Spas have seating areas, and you can achieve that effect with your shower without having to sacrifice too much. To replicate the atmosphere and feeling, all you have to do is build a seating area in your shower in the form of a bench. If you do not have all the time to get this stuff done, then you can always opt of a readymade bench that comes in and takes its place in the order of things.

Light it up

People overlook shower lighting, but it is one of the most important areas of focus in bathroom remodeling. You want your shower to stand out against the glare of the rest of the house, so you have to invest in that. What you will need to keep in mind is that while shower lighting can be appealing, it is also one of those things you can get done on a lean budget. You will have to decide on the areas of the room that you   want lit up and also look at places where you want to dumb things down. Mix things up by building LED lights for your shower heads.

Build a focal wall

A focal wall creates an area of interest in the bathroom in general. Homeowners want to invest in stuff that makes their showers pop out, and a focal wall does precisely that. Fixtures and finishes are some of the standout features in a redesign, and a good focal wall leads the eye to those two. That having been said, bold walls are hard to accomplish, but if  you have the right amount of finesse, you  can just about pull it off; get a very good tile pattern, use grain-matching stone and make everything relate at some level. If your budget allows it, use printed glass and back light it to create the perfect backdrop.

Male and female

If you are up to it, you can customize just about everything. Build   showers that appeal to men and try finding patterns that work for women. This is actually a nice way of recognizing that the two genders have different preferences and assuring them that  they  have a place in contemporary bathroom designs.  You will however have to acquaint yourself with gender preferences beforehand.



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