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02 Jan 19

When people are installing equipment in kitchens and bathrooms or even carrying out remodels, they try hard to make sure that everything is just about right. Unfortunately, some things get little consideration at the tail end of these processes, and one of those things is the faucet. Nobody pays any mind to the kind of faucet they choose. However, faucets are incredibly important. You go there to wash hands, work on the dishes or even wash fruits and vegetables. This fixture gets used a lot, so it needs to work well and look good.

So, how do you select the right faucet?

Spray functionalities

A spray feature allows you to control the angle, distance and pressure of the water. Choose a feature that is flexible enough to allow you to direct jets of water towards dishes located to the side of the sink or go sideways enough to allow a little kid to wash their hands. If your faucet does not come with this feature, you can always invest in one.


When your faucet has a single lever, you are able to control the volume and temperature of water rather easily. One level also means that you can turn the faucet on and off in a fraction of a second. Double handle faucets have a classic feel about them. They are also good if you want to control the flow and temperature of your water, making them quite convenient to most kitchen needs.

Some faucets are hands-free, and that makes control easy when your hands are full-literally.


Your faucets are the jewelry in the kitchen, so turn on the style! Find an approach that boosts the look and feel of your space.  Be keen with the finish you go for; chrome, polished nickel and stainless steel are just some of your options.


You can be absolutely in love with a certain look, but that does not really mean its going to work. Find a faucet that fits into the space you have.

 Nuts and bolts

You will realize that not all faucets will compare positively with all sinks. If your countertop surface has three holes, then you are able to throw in a faucet, a soap dispenser and a spray feature. Fewer holes give you a smaller amount of leverage.


If you can, throw in a filtration faucet next to the sink and you will have some nicely cold and filtered drinking water to chug any time you want. You can also kick other ideas about; pot filler faucets, soap dispensers are good candidates for this kind of thing. Think about any features that are going to make your life in the kitchen or bathroom a whole lot easier.

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