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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

    Your Kitchen & Bath Design Source


10 Jan 19

 You are on Facebook, just catching up with everything that has been going on. And then you click through on a friend’s profile, and are transfixed. They have uploaded images of their kitchen, and it looks good enough to gobble. And just about that minute, you lose all interest in your old kitchen. You want a complete remodel.


Oh snap.

Before you go all out on the best kitchen remodel project you have ever undertaken in your life, mull over a few things;


Is there really a need to remodel or are your ‘remodeling hormones’ just acting up?  You need to know why you are remodeling. Its not about landing a better-looking kitchen; its also about functionality and whether the entire investment makes sense.

Do you have the money?

Look, you can want the best kitchen in the world, but if you don’t have the money to make it happen, then your plan is dead in the water.


That Facebook image you saw is not enough to get you started on your project. Far from it. You need to think things through and then delve into the planning process. Stretch out your planning for months on end and mull over some ideas. Keep all details as clear as possible. Start by drawing your kitchen, making sure that all measurements are written down. This way, you won’t plan for things that wont fit inside your kitchen. Additionally, look around. Seek to understand the modern approaches in kitchen design. Understand why some features are being added into kitchens and choose what is practical, affordable and works for you.

Go for broke

You want your remodel to last, don’t you? The kitchen is used a lot, so it needs to be designed using materials that are tough to wear out and can stand the test of time. Go for the best materials your money can buy and choose the best suppliers available.

Delays are commonplace

As much as you want to avoid them, delays happen all the time. Those tiles, countertops or cabinets you have been looking for might take a long time to get to you, so do not be too disappointed if they are not on your doorstep in time. Go with a flexible schedule.

Prepare yourself to make do without a kitchen for some time

You can’t work in your kitchen as it is being remodeled, so you might have to temporarily convert another room into a kitchen.

A kitchen remodel is a massive project; it’s not something you can brainstorm with colleagues at the office. Take your time and go for something you will want to wake up to every day. At Hoffman, we are ready to help you get just that.

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