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08 Mar 19


Kitchen cabinets perform the important function of providing storage for food items, cutlery, electronics and other items that you use in your kitchen. In addition, they provide great aesthetic value to the kitchen and allow you to create a space that is functional, comfortable and beautiful. Your kitchen cabinets will serve you well for many years if you take good care of them. The type of care you give them depends on the type of material they are made from but you can employ care strategies that work across the board. Below are a few actions you can take to keep them in good condition:

  1. Regular cleaning

    Grime from cooking, steam, dust, soot, flour and others can make your cabinets look unsightly in addition to speeding up their decay process. Soot for instance can create a dark coating that is difficult to remove while moisture build-up from steam and grime can cause the wood on cabinets to warp or rot. Biweekly cleaning with some soap and warm water will keep your cabinets clean, ensure they look their best and slow down the decay process.


  2. Proper location

    Ensure that your cabinets are located away from sinks, cookers and electrical appliances that emit steam. This will prevent them from absorbing excess moisture that can cause swelling and rotting. In addition, it is best to place cabinets away from areas that experience heavy traffic such as countertops and dining areas in order to prevent constant collisions that can cause damage.


  3. prevent damage from light

    Ensure that cabinets are installed away from direct sunlight as this can accelerate the rate at which they fade. Cabinets made from natural wood are especially susceptible and should therefore be covered with a clear varnish that helps to protect them. Blinds and curtains can be used in cases where cabinets have already been installed near windows.


  4. Avoid harsh cleaning materials

    Cleaners with ingredients such as ammonia, citric acids, bleach and others can damage cabinets by stripping off protective paints and varnishes, bleaching the cabinets and accelerating their wear and tear rate. Fortunately, even grime and tough stains will respond well to warm water, soap and a drop or two of vinegar.


  5. Painting and varnishing

    If your cabinets are looking a little worse for wear, an occasional paint or varnish will make them look better and protect the material underneath. Not only are paints and varnishes good for protecting your cabinets, but the can also help you a whole new look and infuse more color to your kitchen.


  6. Speedy repairs

Ensure to fix cracks, broken hinges, scratches and other forms of damage quickly in order to stop them from getting worse.


Taking good care of your cabinets ensures that they stay in good condition longer and provide service for many years. Cabinet care is easy, requiring minimal input if time and resources. Want to learn more about how best to care for your cabinets? Hoffman Kitchen and Bath can answer your questions in addition to helping you select the best cabinets for your kitchen next time you need a remodel or installation.




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