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20 Jan 18

Your kitchen is one of the standout rooms in the home. We all enjoy a lot of fun family moments in the kitchen. Given its importance in the house, your kitchen should be as spacious as it can be without compromising on functionality.

Functional storage space is one of the main areas of focus for homeowners looking to increase area without having to do an expensive kitchen remodel. The key is to get creative with your storage space, whether you have a lot of space to work with or have a galley-style kitchen. Here are some simple hacks that will increase area around the kitchen;

1.    Don’t use pan organizers

Just the fact that there are stacks of pans in the kitchen already makes the place feel cluttered. Besides, it can be tough to reach your supplies as quickly as you want sometimes. The way to deal with this is to store your pans vertically. You can choose from a gamut of neat and modish styles for a vertical arrangement that suits you.

2.    Space for your bin

After everything else is in place, the garbage can or recycling bin often seems odd no matter where you place it. Such containers are also not so attractive to look at, so why not conceal them? You can use one of your cabinets as a pullout bin. It doesn’t take much to convert one of your cabinets into a pull-out bin; it’s a pretty straightforward DIY project.

3.    Use every bit of space creatively

Leave the conventional approach to storage in the past where it belongs and use every nook and cranny in the kitchen for something.

Here is an idea.

How about using the gap between the fridge and the wall to increase your pantry? You can store a lot of items in jars and have a pull-out pantry with jars of soup, peanut butter, canned vegetables and much more.

4.    Use easy-access drawers

Drawers in the kitchen are usually full with a load of different utensils that can’t find space in a conventional cabinet. You don’t have to stay with that mess of tools that seems to hide items in plain sight when you need them urgently any longer. You can sort this out by adding pull-out drawers. A drawer divider will also do the job for you so that you enjoy cooking in your kitchen more.


5.    Store garbage bags better

Garbage bags can take up a lot of space under the sink. Don’t waste that valuable space by stacking garbage bags in a cardboard box under the sink. Instead, install a paper-towel holder in one cabinet to hold your garbage bags in rolls.

There is a lot more you can do to increase space and even make room for more extensive kitchen countertops. It all depends on how much space you want to free up and whether you are ready to pay for small projects in order to create more space when need be. Even so, creating more space is pretty easy since the items we haven’t decide where to store often take up the most area.

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