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06 Dec 18

Kitchen island usage ideas

Kitchen islands are autonomous kitchen features that provide the homeowner with an opportunity to gather with others, rest or even prep for cooking sessions. Before choosing an ideal island for your kitchen remodel project, you need to consider your use for the kitchen, its personality and your preferences. Below is a look at some kitchen island ideas;

A sink within the island

A sink is usually a prep station for your cooking activities so when you add it to your kitchen island, you are giving yourself an extra station. You give yourself a sense of flexibility, where it is possible to place dirty dishes in a sink while you prep your cooking session in another. This makes the cooking process a whole lot simpler.


Who said inspirational furniture has no place in your kitchen? Of course, it does! Allow yourself to sink into the flourish of a kitchen island immersed in the delight of all kinds of furniture.

Shelves will work out just great

Forget about cabinets; simply throw in shelves at the edge of the island in order to enjoy the added advantage of an extra storage space. These shelves also come in with a decorative aspect. You can still place your trusty cookbooks on them for easy access. There is so much you can do with this space; you only need to be a little creative.

A dash of color

Kitchen countertops do not always have to match with the rest of the décor in there, but they need to work in a way that elevates your kitchen island, and this is where color comes in. Colors add a sense of personality to a room, and they establish your individual tastes. Gray, black or white are some of the colors to keep in mind. Colors that pop are good for contrast.


Kitchens are not exactly known for their ample storage space, so you need to maximize on the acreage in there. Before deciding to use this space primarily for storage, think about what your need for the kitchen is. Are you looking to entertain, or do you wish to just eat in the kitchen? You could build a storage space for pots and pans, a place for the kids to stash the homework away or an enclosure for supplies. There is just about any number of ways in which you can use. your island for storage


If you have people sitting in the kitchen a lot of the time, then you need to consider using the island for that precise purpose. If you are looking for a seating that is a little separate from the island, simply put a table next to it. You can also build a table right next to your island, as that makes it easy to move food from pan to plate.

Whether your kitchen is etched in soapstone, quartz or granite, you need to have a plan for an island somewhere in there. If you are stuck, contact us here at Hoffman at we will take it all up.


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