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19 Aug 16

While most homeowners considering painted cabinets for a kitchen remodel focus on white or cream, one design trend is exploring gray instead. Although cabinets are the foundation of the design, you can decide if you want to use several shades throughout the space or balance the gray with other colors instead.

If this is an option you are thinking about, consider these questions:

Which shade is right for you?

Working with a designer can help you decide which shade is best for your space. From grays that are just a little darker than white to deep gray tones, there are many options which will ultimately impact the end result of your kitchen remodel. It is important to carefully select the color so you are aware if the undertone is cooler with more blue influence or a warmer gray.

Which countertops would coordinate well?

If you opt for gray cabinets, you will likely be surprised how many countertop choices you have that can either bring a pop of color or keep the calming feel. For example, natural marble, quartz or granite can be selected for options that would be complimentary to your cabinetry. For something more unique, recycled glass countertops can offer a stunning addition to your kitchen remodel.

Which backsplash options would work?

The role of a backsplash in a kitchen remodel can be to simply protect the drywall behind it, or to add another layer of style to the overall design. Whether you choose to stay with a clean white material, match your countertops or add to the aesthetics with Tyvarian panels you have many options that can work well with gray cabinetry.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, the good news is there are more materials than ever to choose from, and design trends have introduced a lot of new options. This can be both exciting and overwhelming for many homeowners.

Before you set out on a kitchen remodel on your own, contact the team at Hoffman Kitchen & Bath. With decades of experience on projects of nearly any size, and access to many of the best materials on the market, you can rely on our expertise to guide you through the process from start to finish.

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