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28 Apr 18


The kitchen can easily get crowded, especially when you have guests around and you need more than a few people handling the cooking. It can also be a challenge you have to deal with on a daily basis in large households where the kitchen is always busy when it is time to prepare a meal. A kitchen that can take all the crowding is always helpful, especially when you need at least two other people to help out on busy days. A creative kitchen remodel can be the key to getting your kitchen in the right shape to handle more than one cook. Besides decongesting the kitchen, a remodel allows you and your family to enjoy moments together in the kitchen whenever you want to. Here are some ideas that will help you enjoy your time in the kitchen more;

The first problem with a kitchen that crowds quickly is the way in which it has been laid out. There are layouts that are basically a waste of space no matter how appealing they are. A layout that allows for a good flow round the kitchen makes things much easier and reduces congestion.

Central islands

An island in the kitchen to hold utensils and create some space for food preparation is of great importance in a space that needs to accommodate more than one cook from time to time. A good island should fit with the space you have available. No matter how simple the island is , ensure it flows with the rest of the kitchen so that it complements the space rather than crowd it more.

Seating space

If you have two cooks in the kitchen, then it probably means that there are other people who want to get involved in the action. On such days when the whole family wants to eat from the kitchen, seating space is of the utmost importance. How do you fit the whole family in the kitchen without getting it crowded though? The key is to add bar stools under the central island. You can also find a nook in the kitchen where stools can be placed without getting in the way.

Cooking stations

If the kitchen is large enough, then separating cooking stations will make much more sense. There is no better way to keep everybody happy in the kitchen than creating space for each cook in the kitchen. You could have an area designated for baking and another for cooking so that there is no crowding on days when you are baking and cooking at the same time.

Appliances and fixtures

Appliances are essential in every kitchen. However, they can quickly take up all the space if you don’t know where to place them. Think of placing appliances in areas where they can be used by multiple people when there is a lot of traffic in the kitchen. One clever way of getting the appliances out of the way is separating the oven and the cooktop, which often go together. You could also consider adding a sink to the central island for food preparation. It is also good to have multiple faucets and a few basins for the sink to create more room for everyone to work unhindered.

There is nothing funny about a crowded kitchen. A lot of accidents can occur when you have to work around other people in an area with high temperatures. If you need a kitchen remodel that offers more than rearranging kitchen countertops, then look no further. We have the best creative minds and experts to help you get a new practical kitchen.


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