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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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02 Mar 18

How do you plan  your kitchen? It might be the neatest one around, but these places tend to hide stuff from you. Why is it so hard to find some items even in the most organized kitchen?  The main reason we have a hard time maneuvering the kitchen is that we fail to take advantage of the storage hacks meant to make our lives much easier. Below are steps to turn your kitchen into a fun environment to cook in;

Empty the cabinets

As the first step towards a more organized kitchen, you can’t skip this. Items in the kitchen have to be cluttered first before they are neatly arranged. It is about getting everything out of its place to find a new storage pattern. Take everything stored in the cabinets and place it on the kitchen countertops and the floors as well if you need to.

 Get rid of the unnecessary stuff

With everything laid out, you know what you need and what is simply filling up space. Get rid of all the container lids that lack a container and the excess utensils that have served their time and are ready to be thrown away. Don’t leave anything behind that you do not intend to use.

Sort everything and put it in its place

This is one of the most important steps in the whole process of reorganizing your kitchen. You don’t need a big remodeling project to create more space. All you need to do is rethink your storage and place things in groups. Items like dishes and frequently used appliances should be placed in an area that is easily reachable with items that are used less often placed further away from reach. Most appliances should be stored under the work area. Dishes should be stored close to the dishwasher for easy cleaning.  

Sort your items into groups that make sense; all plates and bowls together, all spices in one area, etc. Keep food and dishes/small appliances separate. After that, think about where the items will make the most sense. Dishes and appliances that are frequently used should be within easy reach, while special occasion items can be put a little more out of the way. Pots and pans usually go into the bottom drawer. As for food items, place them on the top most drawer.

Some ideas on smart organization in the kitchen

  • Sliding shelves

    Such shelves allow you to get more out of your upper cabinets. They are especially good for storing your spices.

  • Keep your appliances out of sight

Appliances like the coffee maker, toaster or blender are some of the commonly used items in the kitchen. You can add an appliance garage if you don’t want such items on display even when they are not in use.

Proper storage is all about thinking out of the box. Use all the awkward spaces in the kitchen for something so that the most needed items do not compete for space with utensils that only come out during special occasions.

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