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24 Sep 18
Marble has always been one of those kitchen surfaces that never gets old. Even so, there seems to be a renewed interest in the material among home owners currently. There is little wonder as to why people want marble so much; it is like the woman’s little black dress that seldom fails her. This material goes well with any type of home décor and the luxurious look is everything.

That being said, those who enjoy being in the kitchen know how messy it can get at times and no matter how well you clean up, marble may prove to be impractical. To begin with, the material is highly porous and can absorb that wine and have spots with ghastly shades even with the slightest defects in the seal. Additionally, marble is quite hard to keep in good condition because it scratches too quick so it would be damaged if a knife blade were to impact it. So now you are left with two other choices that can give the same kind of sophisticated look; granite and quartz. We as the experts have a few things to say about granite and quartz countertops that Tulsa residents will benefit from.

Quartz is more popular than granite
As the experts, we can confirm the demand for quartz countertops OKC, which is why residents everywhere are choosing them over granite. However, this is the case only because the shift in trends dictated so about 20 years ago. In the 90's when laminate countertops were fading off as the favorite countertop material, granite took over as the next “it” countertop. It became the mainstay for the next 20 years then it was time for the trends to shift. Designers needed a new material to hype up and quartz was the perfect candidate. This is the main reason quartz has more of a buzz in remodeling circles than granite even though the latter continues to enjoy a good market share.

Aesthetics is a personal choice
There shouldn’t be any other factors to consider other than your personal taste when it comes to the prettier material to use for your home. There are homeowners who prefer granite for the earthier look while other like the uniformity of quartz, which in truth has its own sort of elegance.

The cost issue
Quartz costs more than granite, and that needs to be said outright. Now that we have that defined, let’s focus on the finer details. First off, a foot of entry level granite costs about $40 while the same amount of quartz would cost you $70. Needless to say, you will have to fork out a considerable amount for any of the two finishes. All in all, you will pay lesser for granite but the difference shouldn’t be much when you are working in a normal size kitchen. Larger homes will have a more pronounced cost difference.

What value do they add to your home?

The first thing you have to consider before any home improvement project is the value it adds to your home. Are you likely to get back the investment you made on the home when it’s time to resale?

Any type of stone countertop improves value. Rest assured that you are going to recoup your money no matter what finish you choose in this case. Laminate turns off most buyers as soon as they spot it in the house but stone surfaces always spark the interest of a potential buyer. Everybody is after the sleek finish mostly because it goes well with any contemporary design you choose.

We are the professionals for quartz countertops Springdale that residents should get in contact with for classy finishes. Let us install your kitchen countertops and we promise you will be impressed.

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