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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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28 Jun 19

Remodeling a home is vital in increasing its market value and attracting buyers. However, most homeowners forget to call in plumbers to ensure all facilities from the bathroom to the toilet are in proper working condition. Contacting a professional plumber may seem costly at first, but it is worth it as you are likely to spend more if plumbing is left unattended during renovations. In this article, we discuss why homeowners should prioritize plumbing during the remodeling process;

  1. Prevents disaster

    Existing plumbing is affected during remodeling, which may cause severe problems if not fixed. It is important to implement a new plumbing system so as to prevent a pipe from bursting or the bathroom from leaking. Checking on the plumbing system ensures a fully functional bathroom or kitchen. Some pipes might be outdated and need replacement.

  2. Innovation

    The main purpose of remodeling is to create a better looking home that’s fully functional and features trending designs. Just like any other aspect of construction, plumbing has evolved, and there are modern materials creatively built to offer function and convenience. They are durable and easier to install. 

  3. Increases overall efficiency

    If you are looking to upgrade an old home, get rid of all the old pipes and fittings. Replacing old systems improves the efficiency of the plumbing system. Installing new fixtures without updating the pipes and fittings may turn out to be counterproductive.

  4. Saves energy

    No one wants to spend all their money paying high utility bills. With a good plumbing system, you can easily cut costs since your water heating and circulation expenditure will drop considerably.

  5. Provides comfort

    Nothing comes to close to going home to a comfy house after a long day of work. If you choose to ignore plumbing during remodeling, you might as well forget about comfort in your home. Faulty plumbing may cause leaky systems in the bathroom or kitchen, which reduces their efficiency and functionality. A bathroom remodeled with new pipes and fittings will provide you the comfort you need for many years. Ignoring the plumbing system might make the home unbearable to live in.

  6. Good health

Contacting a professional plumber during remodeling should be a priority for every home. If plumbing is not done in the proper way, it becomes  difficult to separate the water supply and drain systems, raising the possibility of  transmission of diseases from contaminated water.

If you are planning to remodel your home and are wondering where to get a professional, feel free to contact us regarding any remodeling concerns you might have. At Hoffman Fixtures Company, we pride ourselves in being capable of giving every Oklahoma homeowner the kitchen or bathroom they have always longed for.

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