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27 Jan 19

Kitchen remodels are expensive, and that is why homeowners are always looking for cheaper ways of getting things done. For instance, some people decide to go for wallpapers rather than 3 coats of paint on top of the existing shade. Similarly, instead of replacing your cabinets, you could choose t to reface them. In a nutshell, refacing is the process where the visible parts of a cabinet are either replaced or laminated. When the process is complete, your cabinets will look as good as new, and this approach will have saved you a ton of money.

How it all works

Your Tulsa fixtures professional will start by disassembling your cabinets. This involves unscrewing all the doors and pulling out the drawers. When the cabinet boxes are empty, all the visible parts will be doused in wood laminate. The laminate is bonded on the surface of the cabinet. The result is increased strength and well as improved appearance.

When the laminate has been securely bonded, the drawers and doors are put back in place. Most professionals will follow this up by upgrading the hinges of the hardware, making the cabinets look all new and strong.

When carrying out resurfacing, some professionals will also choose to stain various parts of the cabinet in an even color in order to ensure a great finish. This final touch adds a sense of elegance and style to your cabinets.

Advantages of refacing

  • A new look and feel

    If you have become used to seeing the same color cabinets in your kitchen for a decade, you will definitely be yearning for a change. Resurfacing your cabinets gives the kitchen a new aura and allows you to revel in the upgraded character of your surroundings. You get to spend your time in an environment that looks and feels fresh.

  • Very little is wasted

    Replacing your cabinets means throwing the old out and getting new ones. This is usually a waste, especially if your cabinet boxes are still intact. Refacing reduces wastage.

  • The cost factor

    Refacing your cabinets is a whole lot cheaper than going for replacements. The closest estimate is that replacements cost at least twice as much as refacing.

  • Saves time

    Replacing cabinets is a massive project that takes a lot of time to execute. Refacing is a simple process that won’t even take half a day for a small kitchen, with bigger kitchens taking a couple of days to complete.

  • Durability

It might look like a simple solution to a complex problem, but refacing has longevity to it, especially if you go with a strong laminating material.

At Hoffman Fixtures Company, we have been taking on home remodeling projects for decades now. We know how to get any job done, and our professionals have been around every kind of home improvement project.

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