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16 Oct 16

If you are planning a kitchen remodel, cabinetry is likely a large part of the project. While many homeowners start the process thinking there is either stock or fully custom options, there are a large range of semi-custom options to consider.

Semi-custom options provide the ability to personalize some aspects, and the end result can be a stunning installation that looks like it was crafted just for your space. As you explore the vast selection of cabinetry as part of your kitchen remodel, these details will stand out:

Door Panels

While you may start the selection process thinking about recessed panels, raised panels or slab styles, those are just the beginning. You can also introduce an arched element or choose square lines. Once you work through those aspects, you can start to look at the inlay of the door. There are glass and specialized options that can be installed throughout the space or just in sections you want to feature.


Cabinetry hardware can make a big impact even though it is a small piece in the overall scope of a kitchen remodel. There are more ornate options, simple options and even oversize options to consider. These can be designed to blend in or be a stylish statement of their own. Beyond looks, hardware also helps keep doors and drawer fronts cleaner since you are no longer opening and closing with the wood itself.


If increased functionality is an important element of your kitchen remodel planning, then the part of the cabinets you don’t regularly see becomes a focus. There are many ways to add slide out options to your cabinetry. This enhancement can help you move large cookware easier and for smaller spaces such as pantries, help you make sure you can easily access items in the back that could be overlooked.

Specialty Options
There are more shapes and sizes than ever before. This can include a smaller top row that is added as well as cabinets that are non-traditional sizes, but serve a defined purpose in the kitchen remodel. These can include storage for spices, pans, oversize items or help create a dedicated beverage area. Working with semi-custom cabinets often provides options beyond the standard sizes to help tailor the space to your needs. 

Kitchen remodels are an exciting time to change the look and function of your space. Working with a designer can guide you through the process and help you make the most of your investment. The team at Hoffman Kitchen & Bath has decades of experience assisting homeowners transform their current kitchen into the kitchen they want. 

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