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27 Sep 17

When upgrading your kitchen, you are always looking to make upgrades and touches that are stylish and at the same time cost-friendly. You are going to be focusing on factors such as the space available, the kind of visual remakes affordable, and the general aura you want to bring in to the scheme of things. Countertops are definitely going to form a huge part of the remodeling process, and this is where you need to get everything right. The right countertop choices have to be fashionable while at the same time utilizing space in the best way possible and fitting in with the rest of the kitchen’s interior.

Here are some countertop ideas you might want to explore in your remodeling project;

Granite countertops will get the job done

Granite has always been a classy material for countertops. It has a rich feel to it that other materials can only dream of, and it fits in seamlessly with the rest of a kitchen’s aspects of design. If you are looking to remodel with graphite, then you have at your disposal 20 shades to play around with. Absolute Black Granite, for example, is always good for a contemporary outlook. Jet Mist Granite on the other hand can be honed to mimic the aura of soapstone, only that it is a stronger choice.

Go for extra thick slabs all around

Your remodeling projects need to be focused on the long-term, which is why you need some weight around the slabs of your countertop. If you can, put together two 1.5-inch thick slabs of any shade of graphite you want to go with and throw in a third layer in the back. If you have a problem with space, then you can of course scale down on the thickness of each layer at every angle.

Throw in some color contrast

It never hurts to go bold on color when it comes to your countertops. Most people will settle for yellow, green or orange statements, but you can get even bolder; black vs white will give you by far the best contrasts of any combination out there. The key here is going all out on what works. The countertop will be surrounded by appliances and cabinetry, so you need a color that emphatically sticks out from the rest of the kitchen landscape while at the same time creating a sense of harmony with the general kitchen aura. This might look difficult to pull off, but all it takes is you fooling around with shades.

Wrap it up

If you want to create a flawless transition between your countertop and cabinetry, then make use of the â€wrap effect’. Simply put, this is where you apply your countertop material on the tops and sides of your cabinets. This will work wonders especially if your countertop has a different color compared to the rest of the kitchen. The effect automatically draws gasps from those entering the room for the first time.

Your kitchen countertops will decide what kind of personality the space projects. Go for granite countertops at all times and keep things as colorful as possible-you can never go wrong with color contrast.

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