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07 Mar 19
A bathroom remodel helps you make your bathroom a little more modern in addition to letting you add more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing features to this space. A remodeling job is no mean feat and you should therefore ensure that you are adequately prepared to handle work of this magnitude. Proper preparation will ensure that the remodel is completed in time in addition to meeting the specifications you laid out. For a perfect bathroom r...

02 Jan 19
When people are installing equipment in kitchens and bathrooms or even carrying out remodels, they try hard to make sure that everything is just about right. Unfortunately, some things get little consideration at the tail end of these processes, and one of those things is the faucet. Nobody pays any mind to the kind of faucet they choose. However, faucets are incredibly important. You go there to wash hands, work on the dishes or even wash fruits...

20 Dec 18
Some of our homes have been around for decades. Old homes are pretty good, but they enjoy fewer luxuries and amenities compared to what we have today. Nowhere is this deficit more pronounced than the bathroom, where everything in older homes is pretty standard-the vanities are lower, the tubs are standard, and the shades are not really up to snuff. If you live in a home like that, now is the right time to think about a bathroom remodel. Even for ...

29 Nov 18
If you are thinking about updating your bathroom, consider how shower walls and tub surrounds can offer a stylish and functional alternative. Many homeowners begin their product search with tile options or preformed units, unaware of the how full sheet products can an attractive option for many reasons. Evaluate the maintenance of all materials you are considering Maintenance should be addressed both now and for the long term for each option ...

03 Jun 18
The Remodeling Magazine has crunched the numbers and found that the average bathroom remodel costs north of $16,000. Don’t lose your heart though, because generally, these kinds of remodels have a 72.5% return on investment. When people remodel their bathrooms, they focus on walls and floors and vanities and forget to focus on one thing that matters; the shower. According to research, a big number of people above the age of 45 want to use a...

29 May 18
A small master bathroom is never okay. However, instead of mulling over the fact that it is small, you can redesign it to feel and look as great as any other part of your house. Here are a few pointers that can help your tiny bathroom appear larger. These tips can also be applied in any other type of small room, not just the bathroom. Keep everything to be the same tone or color Great point to start, and one of the best colors to use ...

21 May 18
Bathrooms are the central point of hygiene in a family. A very important aspect of any bathroom is the vanity. Material and color, and the pricing of a vanity is important when designing one for your bathroom. Here is a list of the best vanity materials you can use in your bathroom; Granite Granite has for the longest time been the most desirable material for bathroom vanities. People fall in love with this natural stone for its gen...

22 Apr 18
Having a small bathroom comes with its own problems, like not enough space for bathroom vanities and hence your toiletries. Figuring out what to do with the space to create the room you need isn’t so easy. First you have to figure out where to place the toilet and the sink. You also have to find some space for the shower. These tips will help you make more use of your small bathroom turning it into an ideal space for yourself; Use a larger...

29 Mar 18
Bathroom remodel plans can be overwhelming. In many cases, homeowners think up brilliant remodeling ideas and never follow through. Often times, this is because of budget constraints, but sometimes it is also due to our own reservations. Creating the perfect powder room needs you to access your creative depths to come up with something refreshing and exciting that matches your taste. If there ever was a room that was perfect for experimenting wi...

22 Mar 18
Bathroom remodels are all about a lot of added functionality and trendy layouts but the shower remains vital in it all. Today the role of the shower in the bathroom has totally morphed; it is not just about washing up. The shower can be used to bring the spa straight into your home these days. There are fanciful shower designs that can have you enjoying the spa experience in your home each day. There are many options when it comes to customized s...

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