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22 Jul 18


Arranging the kitchen seems like a pretty straight forward task until you have to arrange it.  A lot of people feel like everything goes where it goes quite logically and end up walking all around the kitchen to reach things that are placed too far apart.

The kitchen has different zones and you have to pause and think about how you want everything set up before any actual work begins. Well, that is what we are here for. We make it our job to think up the most ingenious was to make the work flow in your kitchen as natural as possible. Here are tips that will make working in your kitchen much more fun and easier;

Identify the different zones

Professional designers talk of the work triangle when coming up with the ideal layout for a kitchen. It doesn’t always have to do with a whole kitchen remodel even though you might have to move some furniture and fixtures around. Kitchen zones include the stove zone, the refrigerator zone and the sink zone.

The concept is pegged on the fact that we move around the kitchen when we store food or cook it. So the stove zone is where you cook the food, the refrigerator zone is where you store the food and the sink zone is for cleaning. The idea is to place the most helpful items within these zones so that it is easier to do the three tasks.

Appliance garage

It’s hard to decide where appliances go in the kitchen especially the medium sized ones. The appliance garage is a simple solution for this. Have a large cabinet set apart for appliances. The cabinet looks better if it is built into the kitchen furniture so that it’s not too prominent.  These appliances tend to take a lot of space on the kitchen countertop so you are better off storing them in one place.

Spices, utensils and cutlery

The smaller kitchen utensils and equipment should be kept between the sink zone and the cooking zone because you will need these both when cooking and cleaning. They are best kept to your side when you stand in the cooking zone or behind you.

Spices should be placed above cutlery inside a cabinet. It will make it easier for you to reach them because they are mostly used after the food preparation is done. Kitchen organizers are a good idea for small kitchen equipment and magnetic holders will help a lot too.


It doesn’t matter where you put the glasses since it won’t affect your overall workflow. It’s common for them to go on the upper cabinets. The lower cabinets should be left for more crucial items.

Pots and pans

These are naturally kept around the cooking zone. They could be next to or above the stove. If you decide to keep them next to the stove make sure they are facing the sink. Some of the stylish pots and pans can be kept in a hanger to serve as decorations. A good kitchen setup should match the aesthetics with practicality. Besides, hanging some of the pots will save you some space that you can use to keep other things.

The key to the perfect kitchen setup lays in creating space whenever you can and also keeping things that go together close to each other. When you get these two right, everything should find its ideal place in the kitchen.


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