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15 Feb 19

Grout is more than just a dense liquid that we pour in the gaps between tiles; it is a very important aspect of remodeling and will eventually affect your design. It also has a direct bearing on the maintenance processes required to keep your floor clean and durable. You will therefore need to pay plenty of attention to the grout choices available to you. There are various grout colors you can go for, but there are a few that you will find a lot easier to use than the rest.

Grout that matches the color of your tiles

There are some homeowners out there that want their tiles to be the center of attention rather than the overall pattern. We encourage this kind of crowd to grow with matching tile and grout colors. It is hard for the eye to wander off to the grout when it can’t even notice the demarcation. White tile is the perfect candidate for white grout.

Contrasts work too

If your objective is to make a statement of design with your tile and grout choices, then you need to choose grouts that contrasts the tile choice. Contrasts are great for emphasis-the color that stands out gets to hog all the attention and becomes a focal design point.

Dark grouts are a very good example of how contrasts work, especially if said grouts are paired with white tiles. This grout comes in with a sense of warmth, making sure that your floors do not look sterile. This contrast is also responsible for adding dimension and depth to you design.

Keep in mind;

Should you go with white tile and dark grout, there is a real chance that the grout might occasionally stain your tile. This becomes even more probable if your tile has little crackles here and there. There are however ways around this; apply a grout release or sealer to help protect the glaze of your tile. Some owners test several coats of sealer in order to establish the kind of treatment required. Sometimes, you need a single coat. At others, you may require up three to get the job done.

Find a compromise

At times, you are looking for a middle ground between contrasting and matching grouts. In this case, you can try using a neutral color that doesn’t veer off much from the concept laid out in your tiles. If you are going for a green tile, for example, you could contrast it with a neutral grey. This grout choice softens up the solemnity of the green, making it dominant but not ‘screaming’.

If you intend to keep things subtle, you can pit neutrals against warm whites or greys.


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