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02 May 18

When you are in the process of creating the ultimate kitchen, you have to think about what the final product will be in terms of visual appeal, colors and texture. When you have got all the nooks and crannies right, this living space projects exquisite taste and begs for attention. It literally stands out and makes everything inside it better. You need to have the paint right, get the ceiling and floor settings right, and make sure that both natural and artificial lights are in perfect sync. However, one final thing most homeowners forget is to look for appliances that are going to make everything pop out at all the right places.

Here is a little help;

Black appliances

Black appliances make for a great finish, but you have to know what you are doing. Black can either   raise the level of appeal of your kitchen or create a sense of gloom, depending on application. If your kitchen is set in grey and stone, then black is the go-to approach to creating a perfect transition of colors and textures for a flawless feel. Similarly, if you are   using white cabinetry, then black appliances are the ideal choice because they bring in some sharp contrast to the mix. If you are using black cabinetry, then it still won’t hurt to have a slightly varied shade of black for your fridge and cooker. This makes for a sold, high end finish.

White appliances want their groove back

It seems that over the years, white has been falling through the cracks. The reasons are as varied as there are appliances out there. See, most homeowners consider white as outdated and low end. They feel like staring into a white-themed kitchen is like looking at a vast space of emptiness. They feel that white has the depressing aura of a hospital waiting room.  Well, the truth is that white is good and  if used sparingly, it projects a powerful image of the kitchen. Let’s see what white appliances go with;

Dark ceilings- these kinds of ceilings tend to bridge the space between the floor and the top of your cabinets, so your kitchen ends up looking smaller. The good news, however, is that should you go with white appliances, they to open up the space and make things look better. White is the best choice if you are looking to brighten up a black backdrop.

Metal units- If you are using steel, copper or some alloy for your cookers and countertops, then white is the perfect choice of appliances to complement that solid texture.

White appliances are also the perfect choice to liven up a kitchen interior that is set in pale, indifferent tones. White sets the tone because it tends to bring in some sense of light into an otherwise gloomy atmosphere.

Whatever you go for as the choice of appliance depends on what effect you are looking for; there are no cut and paste approaches to this. You will however need to consider the space you have as well as the existing décor.



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