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13 Jan 18

You can spend a lot of time thinking about it and trying to find the perfect time for that home remodeling project. Most times, there is always something delaying the start of the renovation. Doing a bathroom remodel at the right time is one of the main concerns. Homeowners want to get the most out of deals and escape the high costs of peak season. So, what is the right time of the year to think about remodeling your bathroom?

While summer and spring might seem like the logical choices, winter happens to be the best time to carry out your renovation. Spring and summer are the busiest times of the year when it comes to home remodeling projects, and you are better off avoiding these times.

Here’s why you should do it in the winter;

Prices drop as the temperatures drop, not that the two have any direct connection, but it is true all the same. A drop in temperatures doesn’t mean remodeling work cannot get done, just that things will be slow. Some of the most prominent advantages of a winter remodeling project include the following:

1.    Easier scheduling

The slow season always comes with convenience. Suddenly, contractors that were previously fully booked can serve you on short notice. Workers are more available in this season, which means you can pick a time that is convenient for you.

2.    Choose the products you want

Doing a remodel in the peak season, you have to expect that some materials might be out of stock. It is a non-existent drawback in the slow season. You are more likely to get all the materials, fixtures and appliances you were looking for without having to settle. Materials such as quartz and granite often run out of stock. You don’t have to worry about it in the winter though.

3.    Winter remodeling projects done inside the house are preferred

Contractors know how harsh the weather can be and would rather not work outside. They are more open to indoor projects rather than work that will keep them in the cold.

Making the most out of your off-season remodel

Choose timeless options


Think more about the appearance of your bathroom ten years from now. Avoid picking products that are in for a season. For instance, selecting stainless steel for faucets and sinks is a good idea because it preserves its value.

Watch your budget

You can spend less than 10% of your home’s value with the right budget , even if you intend to do  a complete overhaul. Choosing all the high-quality appliances and fixtures may be fun, but it is not worth it if it will only blow up your budget.

Make your bathroom more energy efficient

There are many tech advancements coming out every day. You have to choose  what  you want in your bathroom and what  you can do without lest you end up with an impossibly large power bill. Energy-saving appliances will keep the bathroom salable in the future.




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