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13 Mar 18



You never see water damage coming ,and boy, does it wreak havoc when it does occur. The cost of fixing water damage in the home can easily hit the thousand dollar mark and exceed to upwards of $3,000. The number crunching is thanks to Home Advisor reports and it shows that leaky pipes in the kitchen and bathroom can bring you financial implications beyond what you imagined. Even though water damage can cost a lot to repair, there are ways in which you can minimize the amount of money you end up spending to deal with it.

Start damage control as soon as possible

You need to swing into action as soon as you spot the first signs of water damage. A leaking pipe can damage a large area of the house and comes with the threat of mold. The first step is spotting the leak then minimizing the amount of water leaking in any way you can. While you are at it, call a plumber and let them know what problem you have. The sooner you identify a leak, the lesser costs you will have to deal with.

There are cases where the leak is not noticeable because it occurs in an awkward place and is noiseless. You may notice such a leak weeks late. Some of the most common signs that you have a leak to find include deterioration of the wall or floor materials in any sort of way, delamination, shrinking and bad odors.

Get started with the clean up

You have to move quickly when you notice such signs. You will need to have a process for cleaning up. This is why water damage restoration professionals exist. These are professionals that will do such work for you in the best way possible. One problem most people face with cleaning up water damage is getting the place completely dry even though this is the whole point of cleaning up.

Water can travel to areas that are not easily identifiable and sit there for weeks, causing destruction and degrading the material in your walls or floors.  The professionals know about such instances and expect water to travel to places you cannot expect it to. This is one of the main reasons water damage cleanup is best left to experts.

Be on the lookout; mold could be growing anywhere

Mold grows in areas you don’t expect, just like water damage can penetrate the deepest crevice of your home. You will typically find mold growing under rugs, between walls and baseboards, in basement corners. Ensure you have an IICRC certified technician come over to ensure everything is okay when water damage occurs.

What does your insurance say about water damage?

Typically, homeowners are insured against water damage resulting from leaky pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. However, you may have to forfeit your insurance benefits if there proof of negligence in your part in that you took too long to handle the problem. It is one of the reasons you are advised to act as soon as you notice water damage.


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