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05 Dec 16
Looking at the pictures of most designer kitchens you will notice these are large open spaces. When it comes to kitchen remodeling it can be challenging to apply everything you see on a smaller scale. Granite countertops are one exception – they are suitable for, and stunning in, kitchens of nearly any size, shape and layout. If your home has a smaller space to work with, the next question you have for selecting the right granite counterto...

22 Nov 16
Many homeowners think of kitchen remodels as cosmetic enhancements to their home. While the look of a space is an important factor, well-planned updates to your kitchen can also include improving the functionality. Think beyond new cabinets and countertops to explore how a remodel can help your space. Floorplans Have Changed Kitchens are no longer tucked away out of sight in most newer homes and older homes have been renovated to create open co...

08 Nov 16
If you’ve been watching a lot of home renovation shows, you may be noticing some trends for bathroom showers. The once basic box style shower units have been transformed into a centerpiece of design and functionality. For your next bathroom remodel, decide how large of a role the shower will play in the plan. Some details to consider: Shower Wall Materials You may have two choices in your mind – pre-formed units or tile. While thos...

27 Oct 16
When it comes to updating and upgrading, kitchen countertops are an important element of the design. One decision homeowners need to make is deciding if they want a more bold option or stick with something more neutral. There are a few factors to consider when making this decision: How long do you plan to stay in the home? If your kitchen remodel is taking place as part of a plan to sell your home in the next few years, you may want to conside...

16 Oct 16
If you are planning a kitchen remodel, cabinetry is likely a large part of the project. While many homeowners start the process thinking there is either stock or fully custom options, there are a large range of semi-custom options to consider. Semi-custom options provide the ability to personalize some aspects, and the end result can be a stunning installation that looks like it was crafted just for your space. As you explore the vast selection ...

03 Oct 16
There are many details to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. While some are more cosmetic in nature, keeping the functional side of the project in scope can help create a space you appreciate now and for years to come. An important aspect of renovating a kitchen is the set-up for cooking - both burners and oven space. One of the first decisions you will need to make is gas or electric. Working with a designer or other trained professional...

23 Sep 16
A Bathroom remodel can be a stunning transformation, removing decades of bad design and replacing it with a fresh look. Since so much focus goes into the finishes, taking the time to address some of the more practical aspects can help you create a space that is not just attractive, but also functional for years to come. As you plan your project, factoring in these details can help: Shower enclosures – The shower you design can be a showsto...

15 Sep 16
If you were to put houses from each decade side-by-side you would likely see only a few kitchen countertop options for each year. Today, homeowners have more choices than ever to find a material that meets both aesthetic preferences and functionality demands. As you start to search for new kitchen countertops, take the time to work with an expert who can guide you through the choices you may already be considering and introduce some that are ...

30 Aug 16
There are many details to pulling off a successful kitchen remodel, and for many homeowners selecting a sink may not be on the top of the list. While it will likely not be as impactful as new countertops or cabinets, this element can contribute both aesthetically and functionally. As you plan your kitchen update or transformation, consider these aspects of choosing a new sink: Function You may be surprised just how many options you have for a n...

19 Aug 16
While most homeowners considering painted cabinets for a kitchen remodel focus on white or cream, one design trend is exploring gray instead. Although cabinets are the foundation of the design, you can decide if you want to use several shades throughout the space or balance the gray with other colors instead. If this is an option you are thinking about, consider these questions: Which shade is right for you? Working with a designer can help y...

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