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11 Aug 16
A bathroom remodel can signal the end of an era (or a few decades at least) for outdated decor in the space. While the cosmetic aspect of the project is important since you will likely have to look at it every day, taking the time to address the functionality of the space will help you make the most of your investment. Before you get started picking out finishes, explore these ways to make the space function better: Add or Adjust the Storage ...

30 Jul 16
When you start a bathroom remodel project you likely do not have a true blank slate to recreate the exact look you see on TV or in a magazine. There will be certain limitations beginning with the size and shape of the space itself. Unless you plan to do an addition or take square footage from another room in the home, you have an exact amount of room to work with. While that element of the project is fixed, there are many ways to maximize the tr...

15 Jul 16
You may already have your mind set on warm wood tones or the clean look of white cabinetry for your kitchen remodel. However, if you are still deciding on the details of the project consider if two-tone cabinetry would be right for your home. The fear of appearing mismatched may deter some homeowners at first, but working with an expert can help guide you through the process. There are several different ways to incorporate two-tone kitchen cabin...

06 Jul 16
If you've grown tired of looking at a worn out kitchen, you may find yourself at the point where you want to get out a paint can, order some new countertops and get started. Since a kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the home for both looks and functionality it can be easy to understand this impatience. When you consider everything at stake, you may want to wait and call in the professionals for an in-home consultation before taking a...

30 Jun 16
There are many articles on how to update and enhance small bathrooms, but for homeowners with too much space the challenges can be the same. If your bathroom has a large but inefficient layout, you may be pleasantly surprised with some possible changes that will not just update the look of the space, but transform the functionality. A few areas to consider include: Individual Vanities Dual sink vanities are often an expectation, especially in m...

07 Jun 16
Kitchen cabinets will play a large role in your remodel, both functionally and aesthetically. If you have been considering jumping on the trend of replacing your upper cabinetry with open shelving as a part of your kitchen remodel project, take the time to evaluate these factors: Some items are best left out of site Open shelving can be stunning in the right space, but removing all upper cabinetry can expose items that are not as attractive to ...

29 May 16
If you don’t like the paint color you select for a project in your home, it is a fairly simple although tedious change. Although making that adjustment can slightly impact your wallet and require a few hours of your (or your painter’s time) it is a small scale modification to get the end result you want. When it comes to larger projects in your home, such as a kitchen remodel, almost every other decision you make is more permanent &n...

14 May 16
If you can include an expansive walk-in pantry as part of your kitchen remodel, then your food storage issues will likely be solved quickly. For many homeowners, the footprint of the space may not provide that option. Working with a designer can help you incorporate several solutions so you are able to improve the food storage in your kitchen while working with the space you currently have. Some ideas to consider: Pull out shelving To take full...

01 May 16
Whether you are done looking at an outdated bathroom each morning or you have plans to sell your home and need a simple update to the space, a bathroom remodel can not only enhance the style, it also provides opportunities to identify options to improve the functionality. Storage can be attractive There are more ways than ever to increase storage in your bathroom remodel so working with a professional can provide options that may not have even...

22 Apr 16
The beginning of a kitchen remodel project can often be described as the honeymoon phase. The plans are complete, the materials are chosen and everyone is excited. Keeping that enthusiasm throughout the project is easier when the project stays on track. Before you get started, explore how proper planning and consistency throughout the remodel can help. Some common ways homeowners might get sidetracked include: (Unnecessary) Changes to the plan ...

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