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03 Feb 16
Some homeowners seem to plan their remodel around a specific kitchen cabinet color, while others might consider that important detail further into the planning process. If you are still in the undecided category, then evaluate these factors before selecting the new cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Factor in all elements within the space To complete a cohesive design, each element must fit in the design. Whether you are doing a top to bottom r...

30 Jan 16
Starting a kitchen remodel is an exciting time for many homeowners. The thought of replacing outdated cabinets, removing stained or out of style countertops and creating a beautiful new space includes many factors. While aesthetics and materials are an important part of the process, for larger scale projects (and even some aspects of smaller jobs), layout planning is essential for the long term usability in the space. Sometimes referred to as sp...

2nd Shower Makeover Winner
22 Jan 16
And the actual winner of the drawing for the Free Shower Makeover is the Martinez family! Eric Martinez is a 16 year old boy living with Autism. His mother, Angelica, is his full time care provider. Eric will most likely always live at home with his mother and Jimmy, his father, and will require their full-time care. They were having to bathe Eric in a standard size tub, which was very difficult. We tore out their existing tub and tub surround, i...

21 Jan 16
Planning a bathroom remodel for a unique space can have a lot of challenges to overcome, but taking the time to explore all your options can result in a stunning transformation. Even in more standard layouts, discovering and evaluating all the choices can provide materials you may not have previously considered. While trends change and new options are introduced regularly, these four choices can inspire creativity in your project include: A ...

17 Jan 16
While massive open concept kitchens have stolen the show, there are many benefits of galley kitchens that should not be overlooked. If your home’s floorplan includes a galley kitchen consider how you can make the area not just stunning to look at, but more efficient to work in. Some factors to think about for your kitchen remodel include: Focus on functionality Due to their smaller size, many galley kitchens already offer a fantastic work...

13 Jan 16
New kitchen countertops are one element that can quickly help transform your space. With more choices than ever in the marketplace to choose from, you may not know which ones are right for your home. Taking the time to learn more about the choices you have is essential for finding the right counters to match your design preferences and lifestyle. Some factors to evaluate include: Style From bold to subtle there are kitchen countertops availab...

09 Jan 16
Most homeowners will tell you that storage is an issue in their kitchen, but for many different reasons. For newlyweds, there are often a wealth of shiny new appliances from a gift registry that need to be kept out of site until use. For those who enjoy cooking and entertaining, they have likely built up years of serving pieces, cookware and kitchen appliances that require a space in the kitchen. During your remodel, selecting the right amount o...

03 Jan 16
If it’s been a decade or more since you thought about kitchen design, there are many recent trends that have transformed remodeling. While the choices are impressive, it is essential to be cautious not to have a design that will be outdated in a few years. Consider these trends that have shown staying power while planning your kitchen remodel. Open Layouts The key to creating an open concept is finding balance that works for your space an...

First Shower Makeover Contest Winner
29 Dec 15
I’m sure most of you have been waiting to see the finished product of the shower makeover we gave away. Marquecia Rice didn’t actually win the drawing, but after hearing her story we were compelled to help her. Below is the submission from her cousin that was sent in to us. Marquecia had no idea her cousin was doing this, and was very surprised when we called wanting to visit with her. Congratulations Marquecia, stay strong, and God b...

28 Dec 15
A successful bathroom remodel can transform an outdated space into a spa-like retreat, or at minimum provide a much needed refresh to the decor of the past. While it is easy to focus on finishes, choosing to work with a professional from planning to the final touches can help you make the most of your investment. Even more important, you can create a space you will enjoy now and for years to come. If you are thinking about improving a bathroom in...

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