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16 Apr 16
If it seems like a kitchen remodel cannot take place without safety glasses, a sledge hammer and a whole new configuration of your home, it may be time to turn off the home renovation shows and carefully evaluate your space and your goals. With today’s hectic lifestyle there are many reasons to consider opening up the kitchen to one or more rooms for entertaining, convenience and aesthetics. At the same time, not every home can or should b...

04 Apr 16
Tubs and showers are often the focal point of a bathroom remodel, but countertops should not be a last minute selection. As you plan the project you will likely see a lot of stock products and get quite a few opinions. While looking around lets you explore many options, working with a professional and visiting a showroom can help you work through the details. If you don’t feel you have considered enough materials, consider these tips fo...

26 Mar 16
With aesthetics often taking the lead in a kitchen remodel, returning focus to the purpose of the space is essential for long term results. One important factor is the appliances you want for the space. There are several standard models that can easily be placed into most projects, if you are considering a more gourmet, chef-inspired space, appliances will play a large role. Some aspects to consider: Choosing the right ranges, ovens or cooktops ...

23 Mar 16
A kitchen remodel can transform the look of your space, and large scale projects can change the flow of the room. As you plan, working with a professional can help you evaluate each aspect of your kitchen. Whether your focus is strictly cosmetic or you are making a series of functionality changes, storage should play a large role in your planning. While many people focus just on the quantity of storage, the quality of the storage is equally impo...

13 Mar 16
It would be easier to complete a kitchen remodel if you could design the actual footprint of the space from start to finish, but if you are upgrading an existing space there will be some factors that are unique to your home. These can include the layout of the room, the square footage and the ability to open the space to other areas of the home. At the same time you can focus on what makes your home great and incorporate that into the process. E...

28 Feb 16
The oversized shower has definitely become a focal point in many bathroom remodel projects, but don’t count the tub out just yet. Choosing the right bathtub for your space can help you create the stunning transformation you want, and increase the functionality of the space. If you are deciding what elements to include in your project – give these three bathtub options a look before making your final selections: The jetted s...

23 Feb 16
Going out on the town often means topping off your outfit with accessories to complete the look. Comparing the way you would add a watch or jewelry for a finishing touch, focusing on details can help you fully transform your kitchen remodel, but on a great scale. While an outfit is just for a day, the choices you make on this project will be in your home for years to come. If you are going to put the time, money and effort into a kitchen remodel...

18 Feb 16
If your home has a dedicated aesthetic throughout the space, you’ll likely want to carry that feel into your bathroom remodel. On the other hand, it is not truly a style mandate to match the entire home, so you can have fun with your project if you want to have a space that you can personalize. Regardless if you decide to keep the style of your home, or just transform a single area, there are many details to consider. The Bathtub While sh...

09 Feb 16
Few spaces in your home see as much traffic as your kitchen. Whether you prefer quick meals or enjoy elaborate meal preparation, a kitchen remodel can let you transform this essential area of your home. Achieving the best end result is a balance of evaluating functionality, while selecting the right materials for your design style and your lifestyle. As you begin to update the space, countertops will become an important part of the conversatio...

03 Feb 16
Some homeowners seem to plan their remodel around a specific kitchen cabinet color, while others might consider that important detail further into the planning process. If you are still in the undecided category, then evaluate these factors before selecting the new cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Factor in all elements within the space To complete a cohesive design, each element must fit in the design. Whether you are doing a top to bottom r...

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