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21 Dec 15
As you start to choose a sink for your kitchen remodel, you will be presented with several styles, depths and other options. And once you make a decision, you may be given the choice of incorporating an additional sink into your plans. While you may find the sink you have to be adequate, more homeowners are considering adding a second sink as part of their remodel for several reasons. As you are planning your new kitchen, consider the following: ...

14 Dec 15
While open concept living has become popular throughout the home, a bathroom remodel is one instance that is the reverse of that design trend. Working with a designer can help create privacy where needed without making the space feel smaller or too compartmentalized. Some aspects of the remodel to focus on can include: Considering a water closet in your bathroom remodel In spaces that may need to be shared by more than one resident of the hou...

13 Dec 15
While islands get a lot of the attention in kitchen remodel designs, adding or enhancing a peninsula is one option that you may want to consider as well. Sometimes referred to as breakfast bars, this element can play multiples roles including dining, serving or prep area by offering ample counter space. Three aspects of deciding if you should include a peninsula as part of your plan include: Removing a wall without going full open concept If ...

10 Dec 15
It may seem like too much space would not be an issue in a bathroom remodel, but large rooms can create as many challenges as those projects lacking square footage – just in a completely different way. On the other hand, a well planned remodel can create an spa-like retreat in your home. Some aspects of remodeling a larger bathroom include: Choosing elements to scale You might be lucky enough room to include a grand soaking tub, a lar...

08 Dec 15
Hood fans can be grand, simple, modern, rustic or even something more eclectic. With so many ways to cover or install this important appliance, the venting you choose can become an important element of your kitchen remodel. Because there are both aesthetic and functional aspects working with a professional can help you select the right model for your project. As you begin to think about this piece of your remodel, here are some tips for choosing ...

07 Dec 15
There are so many details to complete a floor to ceiling bathroom remodel you could easily overlook pieces of the project as you strive for perfection in the transformation. Whether your plan features a spa-like oversized shower or something simpler, how you enclose that shower can be the finishing touch on the space. While some homeowners will opt for a fabric curtain there are more options on the market for shower doors than you may be aware of...

02 Dec 15
Many homeowners start the process of selecting new kitchen countertops with the idea of a single material, color and pattern for the entire space. While that is the traditional installation, some new design trends are allowing homeowners to mix and match for style, function or both. This bold choice is not for everyone so consider what you are comfortable with in your design and what kind of impact you want to make with new kitchen countertop...

29 Nov 15
Three of the biggest aspects of a kitchen remodel are the counter tops, the layout and the cabinets. Once you have those choices decided, consider moving on to focus on some creative appliance installations. As kitchens continue to evolve the amount of options increase so homeowners can customize to their lifestyle and their design preferences. Three appliances that provide multiple choices include: Microwaves When microwaves first became a...

26 Nov 15
The master bathroom is often the largest in the home providing the opportunity to create a retreat that is both functional and beautiful. While the existing footprint may be there, a remodel can help overcome poor space planning and outdated fixtures, transforming the room into the spa-like experience you want. Before starting a master bathroom remodel, consider these aspects of the project: Are all the elements of the room to scale? Even in la...

23 Nov 15
Kitchens have always been one of the most important rooms in the home, and now they are finally getting the focus they deserve. While many projects were planned for improving an outdated look, if your lifestyle features a lot of entertaining in your home, then your kitchen remodel should have a different focus. Evaluate the flow of the space Some footprints and floorplans will limit changes you can make, but there are still many ways to improve...

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