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18 Nov 15
While some spaces call for a top to bottom renovation, other homeowners only need to addresses a few aspects of the room to get an enhanced look. Solid wood cabinetry can last decades, so if you are fortunate enough to have a color that is more traditional than trendy, kitchen countertops can help provide the update you desire. Replacing outdated or damaged kitchen countertops Damaged or dated countertops can set the tone in the space, even if...

15 Nov 15
Kitchen remodels have evolved from simply improving outdated finishes to creating a masterpiece that serves many functions from meal prep to entertaining. If your home has someone dedicated to creating incredible meals regularly, then this transformation should reflect the needs of the chef who works in the space. There are many aspects involved in creating a chef -inspired workspace, including: Countertops Kitchen countertops are an importa...

09 Nov 15
Whether you have a small powder room or tight bathroom space that also houses a shower or tub, it can be easy to get off track and soon face a big budget. While these rooms may require less materials for a bathroom remodel, there is an element of creative planning that lets you make the most of the room you have and still choose the finishes you like. Some factors to consider: Limit plumbing changes One of the quickest ways to increase the budg...

04 Nov 15
It’s easy to become focused on a few elements of a bathroom remodel. For some homeowners that might be the vanity and flooring, while others are busy creating a stunning shower that is the focal point of the room. One aspect that should not be put off until the end is selecting the bathroom fixtures. Choosing the right faucet, shower head and toilet can wrap up your remodel plans with both aesthetics and functionality. Showerheads While y...

28 Oct 15
The term kitchen remodel is used for small scale projects with a few updates and upgrades, to a complete top to bottom renovation of the space. If you are just making some cosmetic changes you will likely get to focus all of your attention on selecting materials. On the other hand, if your project involves removing, re-configuring and replacing, the road to success can be longer – and if done correctly more rewarding. Consider these tips fo...

25 Oct 15
One of the most important decisions you will make in your kitchen remodel is selecting the cabinetry. Exploring all the options on the market will require several different factors. There is the door style, the layout and of course – the color. While there is a literal rainbow of colors on the market today to choose from, you can start your search by narrowing down into groups including: White kitchen cabinets- For versatility this option ...

18 Oct 15
When you think about the functionality in your current bathroom, the vanity can be one source of frustration for many homeowners. This multi-purpose element is responsible for providing both adequate storage for keeping items out of sight and providing enough countertop space for getting ready. As you plan your bathroom remodel, take the time to decide what is important to you in selecting a new vanity: Style From ultra-modern to traditional an...

16 Oct 15
While we’ve all heard the cliché everything but the kitchen sink, during a kitchen remodel that reference can reflect this overlooked element of the project. When you are thinking about all the other factors including cabinets, countertops, appliances, color palettes and flooring, the sink can easily become an afterthought. If you are in the planning or design phase of your kitchen remodel a few common terms to become familiar w...

13 Oct 15
Tile has been a go-to material for many homeowners for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom remodels. Some of the reasons for the popularity of tile include its durability and versatility. If you have been shopping for tile for your project, take the time to include Tyvarian Tile Panels in your selection process. Some common questions homeowners often have include: What are Tyvarian Tile Panels? This innovative product simulates glass and s...

11 Oct 15
A kitchen remodel can address both the cosmetic and functional aspects of your space. With so many materials to choose from, it can be easy to become sidetracked with selecting the finishes. Before you start the project, think about these potential pitfalls and evaluate how they relate to your home. Inefficient or lacking countertop space In most cases the footprint of your space determines how much countertop space you can have in your kitchen...

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