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04 Oct 15
A bathroom remodel can literally be a floor to ceiling project, so picking elements that both coordinate with the other finishes and are practical creates the end result you want. Flooring can be an important element to complete the room, without breaking the budget or clashing with the space. Some factors to consider include: Finding a material suitable for water Regardless how careful you are, water will get on the floor when you are gett...

27 Sep 15
Whether you have a material in mind, or you are starting to explore all the options on the market, there are many factors to getting the right kitchen countertops for your space and your lifestyle. Turning to home decorating shows, articles and blogs seems to introduce a new favorite every week. Often those are not a reflection of the specific needs for your kitchen. With all this conflicting information, you may not know how to make the most of ...

16 Sep 15
Many people start off focused on finishes, but a kitchen remodel offers the opportunity to completely transform the space both aesthetically and functionally. One option to consider is adding an island to the space. Refiguring or expanding an existing island can also improve the flow of your kitchen. If your space does not accommodate an island, even after reconfiguration, a peninsula or breakfast bar can provide many of the same benefits. Seat...

08 Sep 15
When homeowners decide to improve their space, a kitchen remodel can range from simple cosmetic updates to a full scale re-work of the entire area. Before getting started, there are several questions you can ask to make sure you have the time, budget and plan to make the most of your investment. This basic checklist can guide you through the elements of the project from an aesthetics perspective. Countertops One of the most common improvements...

03 Sep 15
A kitchen remodel is a large investment in both time and resources. For homeowners with bold design taste, planning a remodel can mean going all in, or toning it down. If you have been wondering how much of your style to include in your project, consider working with an expert to get an impartial opinion and access to a variety of materials that can help transform your space in ways you might not have imagined. Evaluate how long you will be in t...

20 Aug 15
From a spa-like retreat for relaxing, to a playground for rubber ducks and water toys, bathtubs can play a large role in a remodeling project. In the planning phase of your bathroom remodel, you will likely decide if a tub will be part of the new space based on many factors. Space and usage are two of the most common, but style is another important aspect. Some bathrooms do not have adequate space for a separate tub and shower, while others may...

18 Aug 15
Over time the size of bathrooms in homes has increased, but if you were drawn in to the charm of an older home you may not have a lot of room to work with. Whether you are updating a small powder room or trying to rework a cramped master bathroom, you have a lot more options than you may think. Some ideas to consider include: Planning for storage needs You may focusing on a pedestal sink to save room and appreciate the scale of the space, but i...

12 Aug 15
After you decide the look you want to achieve in your kitchen remodel you can move on to the functionality and space planning. Since you know which elements are staying and which are going this allows you to know the scope of your project and also serves as a double check that you are making the most of the project from a functionality perspective. Storage In both large and small homes, storage is a concern raised during the kitchen remodel pla...

31 Jul 15
Chances are every blog you read will have their personal opinion on the best kitchen countertops for a remodel. Unless they have been to your home, seen the space and stayed through a few meals, their input can be helpful, but might not apply to your home. Instead, working with an expert and visiting a showroom with a wide selection of projects can let you see the products and gain insight about the options that can fit your design preference an...

21 Jul 15
Once you decide to start a bathroom remodel project, there will be many factors to consider. While the scope and budget are important, deciding what you want from the renovation is essential to enjoy the long term results. Proper planning can help ensure that you get the most from remodeling your bathroom, and create a transformation that matches the investment you make in your home. Evaluate cost versus value If you are on a tight budget, t...

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