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23 Mar 15
It can be tough to plan the kitchen remodel of your dreams without worrying about making a space that is so personal, it would not be desirable in the event you have to sell your home. That does not mean that you need to stick with basic or unoriginal tones that do not feel like part of your overall design and style. Working with a designer can allow you to break away from the boring, and still create a plan that is not overly customized to th...

22 Mar 15
If your bathroom is in need of a refresh, but you are concerned about the cost, proper planning can help keep your remodel on track and on budget. Before beginning a bathroom remodel, consider the following ways to limit the expense and still get the end result you want. 1. Avoid major plumbing moves. If your current layout is functional, then moves for cosmetic reasons can impact the bottom line if you are on a smaller budget. There are so...

21 Mar 15
Homeowners with smaller kitchens sometimes feel limited during a remodel, but proper planning can turn any project into a desirable, functional space. The materials you choose can improve the usability of the space and enhance the aesthetics to add style. Some aspects of the project to consider include: Addressing the storage situation Storage is an issue in kitchens of almost any size for homeowners. While you may not be able to expand y...

20 Mar 15
A complete bathroom remodel can be basic or luxurious. If you have a design plan in place, you may be fortunate enough to create a spa-like experience. If you are looking to just update an outdated space, focusing on one area of the bathroom can still allow you to add a sense of style. Roaming the aisles of a hardware store, you might see many budget-friendly options that look like standard choices, often referred to as contractor-grade or bu...

28 Feb 15
If your kitchen feels average, with everything in good working order, then you may not be the best candidate for a full remodel quite yet. While completely gutting the space is not required, a few minor upgrades can make you feel inspired in that room again. Adding a kitchen backsplash can be both attractive and functional in an area where the walls get a little more wear and tear than some other spaces. Removing an outdated backsplash and r...

25 Feb 15
Touring model homes, flipping through design magazines or watching home renovation shows can provide great ideas for your kitchen remodel. The downside is that you may find bits and pieces along that way that do not form a cohesive design when you are done. When you consider the time and cost invested in a kitchen renovation, commit to planning out a process to get the end result you want. If you are starting a project, think about these steps:...

24 Feb 15
Kitchen countertops have become the focus of many remodeling projects. In certain price points of homes, the expectation is set that higher end finishes are used, creating a custom look. Granite is a common choice for a more luxurious feel, along with other natural stone products. While those are a great option for many homeowners, if you have not found a material that leaves you inspired, wood countertops might help you end your se...

21 Feb 15
As we approach our last two weeks for viewing the Artisan Granite Color Palette we will be looking at stones from India, Saudi Arabia and Brazil. All of these colors are especially attractive and will be beautiful additions to any home or business application. The first stone is called “Tan Brown”. This Artisan selection is a lovely granite that would give a strong contrast to any light painted cabinet or kitchen area. This stone i...

12 Feb 15
As we continue our examination of the Artisan Granite color selections, we will be looking at two colors that originate in Brazil and two colors that come from India. I’m sure that our excursion today will give further insight into the overall scope and variety available in the Artisan Granite Color Palette. The first color today is from Brazil and is called “Peacock Green”. This color is a piece of art, offering exquisite...

03 Feb 15
In our blog this week, we will examine four more colors in our Artisan Granite selections. Our selections today include some very dramatic looks that will satisfy the adventurous spirit in many of our discerning readers. The first color on our list today is Blue Pearl. Blue Pearl is iridescent blue granite with a stunning, dramatic appearance. The interruptions of black and gray shimmering flakes scattered across this gorgeous blue color, giv...

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