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08 Jul 15
If you have had to dust your bathtub since you used it last, then a larger focus on a new shower might be the best use of your space in a bathroom remodel tulsa. On the other hand, if you often think about taking a long soak comfortably in a spa-like tub, your dream bathroom should reflect that. From a resale perspective, if you might be selling your home in the near future, you will want to take into consideration what potential buyers prefer,...

02 Jul 15
Whether you're making your favorite pasta sauce, frying chicken or washing dishes, the walls in your kitchen are susceptible to getting splattered by food and water. When you think about the wear and tear this places on the drywall, the importance of a kitchen backsplash comes up. For years, tile was the common option, and while it is still a great choice there are several other materials to consider as well. Panel options If you like the look ...

25 Jun 15
There are a lot of trends in kitchen remodels, but some of the classic approaches could be just what you need to create the space you want. Working with a design professional can let you take advantage of the newest materials for kitchen countertops, backsplashes and cabinets, while using the layout approaches that have been successful for years. Respect the Kitchen Triangle You might hear a designer talk about the kitchen triangle which is the...

21 Jun 15
You might hear a designer talk about the kitchen triangle which is the relationship between the stove, refrigerator and sink. Unless you want to get a workout while you cook, work with a professional to create a layout that is as functional as it is attractive. Of course, there are several other details, including the door swing of the fridge, the space needed to open an oven or dishwasher and how those interact with your cabinetry.

16 Jun 15
Once you are comfortable with the location of your appliances in your kitchen remodel, think about the best places for cabinetry. Those everyday items like dishes and glasses should be in a convenient location in the space, while lesser used items can be further away from the action. If you are including items like a spice rack or cutting board, use a practical approach for their placement.

09 Jun 15
This is your space, in your home. While it can be tempting to select materials because that is what your friends or neighbors chose, you need to evaluate your budget and your lifestyle. Balance that with the materials that are common in homes like yours and work with a designer to create the best possible kitchen. There are some design fundamentals that will work in any kitchen layout. Whether you have a galley style space, a U-shaped layout or ...

25 May 15
Countertops are an important part of a kitchen remodel for helping set the tone in the space, and granite is often considered a luxurious choice. For higher end homes buyers often have expectations of the caliber of finishes used, and consider the long term impact of the products selected. Finding a material that is both durable and attractive can both protect your investment for the long term, and give you a space you enjoy now. Before making...

23 May 15
Completing a bathroom remodel in your home can create a space that is both luxurious and functional. Before focusing on the finishes, consider what you need for storage in your bathroom. This can help your investment for the long term with a room that is well planned, making it easy to keep organized and attractive to look at. Evaluate your storage needs based on lifestyle If you shop in bulk, or have a complete supply of beauty or grooming...

19 May 15
When you hear about Cambria Quartz for a remodel project, your first thought might immediately be stunning kitchen countertops, but this versatile material can make an impact in many spaces in your home. Explore the reasons this product has become such a desirable choice. Why consider Cambria Quartz for your kitchen or bath remodel? Homeowners are often drawn in by its beauty, but the performance of this material is just as impressive. In the k...

18 May 15
As showers become more of a focal point in many bathroom remodels, the shower doors you choose can help set the tone in the space. While tub/shower combination units are often closed with a fabric shower curtain, a standalone shower presents different options, all with the basic function to keep water contained. Some selections you can make are: Frame color If you opt for a framed style shower door in your bathroom remodel, there are many optio...

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