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07 Mar 19
A bathroom remodel helps you make your bathroom a little more modern in addition to letting you add more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing features to this space. A remodeling job is no mean feat and you should therefore ensure that you are adequately prepared to handle work of this magnitude. Proper preparation will ensure that the remodel is completed in time in addition to meeting the specifications you laid out. For a perfect bathroom r...

28 Feb 19
With so many options out there, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting the right ceiling tiles. Ceiling tiles come in a range of textures, designs, patterns and color. It is important to understand how to pick the right ceiling tiles because each option will bring a different look or feel to your space. There are four popular types of decorative ceiling tiles; plastic, acoustical, cork and tin. Plastic ceiling tiles T...

22 Feb 19
Granite is an igneous rock that is formed after the exposure of compounds to high heat. The structure of granite is crystalline and it is red, pink, grey, or white in color with, dark mineral grains that are visible and harder than marble. Granite is an ideal option for kitchen floors, countertops and bathrooms or anywhere else in areas that always get scratched or stained through daily use. Wondering why you should go with granite? Below are so...

15 Feb 19
Grout is more than just a dense liquid that we pour in the gaps between tiles; it is a very important aspect of remodeling and will eventually affect your design. It also has a direct bearing on the maintenance processes required to keep your floor clean and durable. You will therefore need to pay plenty of attention to the grout choices available to you. There are various grout colors you can go for, but there are a few that you will find a lot ...

01 Feb 19
Remodeling a home is not easy. Most of the time, especially when trying to sell, you are running on a budget and want to fix the place in a way that gives you an edge but does not eat into your savings. You could choose to undertake one big remodeling project or go around fixing a few things here and there; it all depends how much time you have and how much money is at your disposal. Whichever way you choose to go, below are some interior and ex...

27 Jan 19
Kitchen remodels are expensive, and that is why homeowners are always looking for cheaper ways of getting things done. For instance, some people decide to go for wallpapers rather than 3 coats of paint on top of the existing shade. Similarly, instead of replacing your cabinets, you could choose t to reface them. In a nutshell, refacing is the process where the visible parts of a cabinet are either replaced or laminated. When the process is comple...

20 Jan 19
To most of us, buying a toilet is a no-brainer. Anything goes, and anything can fit into any bathroom. Well, that is a very wrong way od looking at bathroom renovations, because you actually need to keep a few things in mind before buying and installing a toilet. Start by measuring your rough-in Your rough-in is essentially the distance from your bathroom’s wall to the point smack at the center of the flange bolts of your toilet. Go for a...

10 Jan 19
You are on Facebook, just catching up with everything that has been going on. And then you click through on a friend’s profile, and are transfixed. They have uploaded images of their kitchen, and it looks good enough to gobble. And just about that minute, you lose all interest in your old kitchen. You want a complete remodel. Snap. Oh snap. Before you go all out on the best kitchen remodel project you have ever undertaken in your lif...

02 Jan 19
When people are installing equipment in kitchens and bathrooms or even carrying out remodels, they try hard to make sure that everything is just about right. Unfortunately, some things get little consideration at the tail end of these processes, and one of those things is the faucet. Nobody pays any mind to the kind of faucet they choose. However, faucets are incredibly important. You go there to wash hands, work on the dishes or even wash fruits...

29 Dec 18
There are all kinds of materials out there for people to use in their bathroom floors. From solid hardwood flooring, all the way to ceramic, linoleum and porcelain, there are simply more than enough choices to go around. These options have a wide range of advantages and disadvantages, and over the years, homeowners have found tile to be by far the most common and convenient option available in the building and construction marketplace. You will...

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