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20 Dec 18
Some of our homes have been around for decades. Old homes are pretty good, but they enjoy fewer luxuries and amenities compared to what we have today. Nowhere is this deficit more pronounced than the bathroom, where everything in older homes is pretty standard-the vanities are lower, the tubs are standard, and the shades are not really up to snuff. If you live in a home like that, now is the right time to think about a bathroom remodel. Even for ...

15 Dec 18
This might sound cliché, but the truth is that the kitchen is the most used and most important part of your home. This explains why millions of Americans spend billions toward remodeling their kitchens every single year. When your kitchen is elegant and inviting, then you have no problem letting people in. On the other hand, if it is dingy and poorly organized, then you won’t have the impetus to let people in there. Now that 2019 is...

06 Dec 18
Kitchen island usage ideas Kitchen islands are autonomous kitchen features that provide the homeowner with an opportunity to gather with others, rest or even prep for cooking sessions. Before choosing an ideal island for your kitchen remodel project, you need to consider your use for the kitchen, its personality and your preferences. Below is a look at some kitchen island ideas; A sink within the island A sink is usually a prep station for you...

29 Nov 18
If you are thinking about updating your bathroom, consider how shower walls and tub surrounds can offer a stylish and functional alternative. Many homeowners begin their product search with tile options or preformed units, unaware of the how full sheet products can an attractive option for many reasons. Evaluate the maintenance of all materials you are considering Maintenance should be addressed both now and for the long term for each option ...

22 Nov 18
It seems like articles and blogs list the most popular kitchen countertops as something different each week. While reading up on new materials can let you know about products you might not have known about, there is also conflicting opinions on which one homeowners should choose. The problem with following the latest trends and opinions without considering your own needs, is the possibility of not picking the right material for your lifestyl...

15 Nov 18
Before looking at paint swatches, selecting flooring or picking out countertops, consider how your lifestyle influences a kitchen remodel. How can you do that? Keep a list of what works in the space, and also right down details that you wish you could change. Taking inventory of what your kitchen goes through regularly can let you focus on functionality and then work on the aesthetics so you can be happy with your decisions. You also need to ...

08 Nov 18
Whether you are renovating the tile the 1970’s left behind, replacing worn countertops or you are finally creating the spa-like oasis you've always wanted in your home, a bathroom remodel can have hidden benefits often initially overlooked in the process. Aesthetics are usually the reason people call in the professionals, but for the long term there are many other reasons you can appreciate making changes. Access to more efficient bathr...

29 Oct 18
This week’s product overview is a cabinetry product that offers excellence and beauty with quality construction and finishes that are mostly available only in much more expensive products. “Kraftmaid Vantage” is a cabinet that fits the mid-range pricing products but is definitely at home in the higher end cabinet market as well. This will be very evident as we look at the product construction and the many wood species...

25 Oct 18
Here in Norman, Oklahoma the discerning and quality conscious consumer is turning to Quartz for their counter top needs. Quartz offers not only great durability but a beautiful spectrum of colors that can fit with any décor or style preference. Cambria is a high quality manufacturer of Quartz products and offers a palette of over 100 different colors and designs. As the fabricator of Quartz countertops, Hoffman Kitchen and Bath offers a...

23 Oct 18
Bathroom remodels happen for a lot of reasons. Regardless of the reason you get started, this a project that can have hidden benefits often initially not considered in the process. From simple cosmetic updates to repairing known damaged materials, several factors of the remodel will be the same. Taking the time to evaluate these potential benefits can help create a space that you will not only appreciate now, but for years to come, but in the l...

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