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Kraftmaid Cabinetry blog
03 Oct 18
At Hoffman Kitchen and Bath we offer not only countertops and bathroom remodels, but an excellent group of cabinetry suppliers that can become the basis for any kitchen and bath remodel. Today we will highlight Kraftmaid cabinetry. Kraftmaid cabinetry is a medium price point cabinet series that has an excellent offering of wood species, door styles and colors. The many cabinet sku’s that they offer also makes for a truly custom kitchen...

02 Oct 18
Most home décor magazines showcase exquisite kitchens the size of a small studio apartment, with endless cabinetry, multiple workspaces and stunning granite countertops. In reality, not all homes, lofts or condos offer the space for that luxury. A smaller floorplan does not mean you cannot have the same look and feel as a larger space, it just means selecting a color palette that works in your kitchen. Finding countertops that complemen...

24 Sep 18
Marble has always been one of those kitchen surfaces that never gets old. Even so, there seems to be a renewed interest in the material among home owners currently. There is little wonder as to why people want marble so much; it is like the woman’s little black dress that seldom fails her. This material goes well with any type of home décor and the luxurious look is everything. That being said, those who enjoy being in the kitchen...

17 Sep 18
The bathroom vanity doesn’t have to be solely for getting yourself ready; it can also be a way to express your style. Aside from keeping your toiletries, there are a lot of great ideas for a bathroom vanity Tulsa residents can use to spruce up their bathroom. Though it is a small area, it is surprising how much you can do with a vanity. Here are a few ideas that should catch your eye; Dresser vanity A dresser vanity is one of those ...

10 Sep 18
The kitchen is one of the areas around the house that is always getting a facelift, mostly because a lot of what is in now will be old and needing a change after a few years. If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel,then you are obviously looking for finishes that will last longer and keep their appeal just as long. Granite is one of the materials for kitchen countertops Tulsa residents are using a lot. It’s not really a surprise why, be...

08 Aug 18
Arctic Pearl Granite offers a consistent pattern of circular flecks with sprinklings of gray and pink. Speckles of brown and black mineral deposits add to the appearance. This elegant stone will add a rich appeal to any kitchen or bath application and is sure to be an attention getter when friends or co-workers are over for dinner parties or just a casual get together. Baltic Brown Granite has an overall medium brown tone with khaki underton...

28 Jul 18
It might look glamorous on the home remodeling shows but no home improvement project is easy. A kitchen remodel is particularly money and time consuming. That is one of the reasons home buyers would rather skip this and just get a home with a kitchen that’s ready for service. If you are thinking of reselling your home, the kitchen should be one of the first rooms you consider remodeling. The remodel will increase the value of your home a...

22 Jul 18
Arranging the kitchen seems like a pretty straight forward task until you have to arrange it. A lot of people feel like everything goes where it goes quite logically and end up walking all around the kitchen to reach things that are placed too far apart. The kitchen has different zones and you have to pause and think about how you want everything set up before any actual work begins. Well, that is what we are here for. We make it our job to...

13 Jul 18
Are the cupboards a disaster waiting to happen? What about the worktops? Are they dated? An old kitchen can be a major turnoff. In fact, it might be one of the reasons you don’t have friends over because you can’t let them see your old kitchen. You need a kitchen remodel real bad but the finances are not quite right for one at the moment. Don’t worry about breaking the bank. There are some novel ideas you can implement and ge...

02 Jul 18
Have you thought about a kitchen island? This is not about getting the whole kitchen remodeled because a project of that size is not easy to take on. If you don’t have a kitchen island and you think your kitchen would totally look great with one then this is the article for you. First off though, we need to establish if your kitchen can fit one. Is the kitchen suitable? A kitchen with 240 centimeters length and 180 centimeters width has s...

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