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06 Jun 17
Showers are no longer tiny squares spaces installed in a corner just to be functional. Today’s showers can be as stunning as they are practical. The mix of available materials, fixtures and installation options allow you to create the space you want. If a stand alone shower is part of your bathroom remodel, consider these factors as you plan your project: The Enclosure - The days of heavy ornate fabric curtains and vinyl liners are pass...

19 May 17
If you’ve noticed a trend in kitchen remodels incorporating a lot of white in the design, you are not alone. While dark cabinets and stained options continue to be popular as well, layering light materials throughout the space can have stunning results. White palettes are versatile enough for nearly any style - modern, cottage, traditional and transitional. If you’re concerned about the end result being too plain, working with...

24 Apr 17
How many kitchen faucets can their really be in the store? Are those choices really that different? The answer may be very surprising to you. Choosing kitchen fixtures is one detail many homeowner do not think about in the initial planning. While there are too many fixtures to consider for your kitchen remodel, the ones that you will select can impact both the aesthetics and functionality in the space. A few questions to ask as you select fixt...

30 Mar 17
There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodel. From repairing broken or damaged fixtures or tile, to creating a dream spa-like space, this is an opportunity to truly evaluate what you want in your home. With more products on the market to choose from, working with an expert can help you transform your space, even if adding luxury is not the main reason for the project. Take a look at these options to help make the space a little m...

09 Mar 17
If you’ve ever wondered why those made for television kitchen remodels look so amazing, one reason is that they are planned from the ceiling to the floor with every detail factored. Beyond the paint, decor and other accessories used for staging, there is a lot of careful planning to bring the space together. Although there are numerous pieces of the project to consider, these three details can add a lot in the overall appearance: The...

05 Feb 17
If you’ve been living with an outdated or less than functional bathroom, you are likely eager to get started on renovations. The idea of replacing decor from decades past can be appealing. At the same time there are a lot of details to consider from material selection through the final installation. Great bathroom makeovers don’t just happen, they require a strategic approach. With all the excitement of transforming the space,...

22 Jan 17
It may seem showers get all the attention in today's bathroom remodel projects, but tubs still play a role in many spaces. From basic through luxurious there are more options than ever to choose from for homeowners. If you are planning a remodel, consider these options: Freestanding Tubs After decades of tubs being pushed into corners or against the wall, freestanding tubs have become increasingly popular. These can range from ultra-moder...

08 Jan 17
New kitchen countertops can be practical, they can be durable and they can be a stunning showstopper that everyone notices when they walk in the space. If your plans for 2017 include enhancements or a remodel to your kitchen, countertops will definitely play a role. Of course now with more options than ever to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start looking and sort through all the choices available. Below are some common a...

27 Dec 16
If you’ve been living with an outdated bathroom, once you start the remodel process you will likely find a lot of options to create the look and feel you want. A word of caution – it can be easy to get carried away with finishes and get off track with your budget. Don’t despair, with proper planning you can make the most of your funds and have a transformation you can enjoy now and for years to come! Balancing high end items th...

14 Dec 16
Kitchens come in many shapes, sizes and layouts. One type of kitchen that can be perceived as more difficult to remodel is the galley layout. This style of kitchen is defined by two parallel countertops (or cabinets) with a walkway in between. The good news is, with proper planning, a kitchen remodel can transform the existing space in a galley kitchen into a stunning, functional area for both cooking and entertaining. Find the right balance for...

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